Application Software

Software vendors that fully support their products on VMware virtualization solutions can qualify for the VMware Ready logo in the Application Software category. The VMware Ready logo visibly demonstrates confidence and simplifies purchase decisions for any customer using a virtualized infrastructure. The Application Software category is open to all vendors, subject to VMware approval.

VMware technologies offer internal benefits for ISVs, as well, providing a flexible and cost-lowering platform for developing, testing, selling, and delivering their applications. Support costs also may be reduced and the customer support experience improved by using VMware capabilities such as virtual appliance technology for application deployment and virtual machine copies to allow technical support personal to reproduce software issues easily, without needing access to many different kinds of physical computer systems.



  • Currently be enrolled in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program at the Access, Elite, or Global level.
  • Submit explicit support statement for the application.
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal.
  • Demonstrate successful operation by passing a workload test against a virtual configuration of the application and submitting the results to VMware.
  • Publish product on the VMware Solution Exchange.


Get Started

To get started and express interest in enrolling in the VMware Ready Program, please fill-in the online Partner Onboarding Form. Select "Application Software" in the Program Name field.