Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Tanzu Transformer accelerates and simplifies the multi-cloud migration journey by identifying and migrating applications to the optimal cloud based on your goals for security, performance, cost and time.

You can request free 30-day trial access here.

VMware Tanzu Transformer is available for purchase as SaaS with core licensing. For more information, contact sales.

VMware Tanzu Transformer is initially hosted on AWS in the US-West region, but anyone is welcome to sign up and use the service.

After submitting the interest form, you will receive an email from VMware with access details. 

The free migration assessment service of VMware Tanzu Transformer provides inventory-based assessments of your own vCenter(s), as well as a cost-benefit analysis of VMware Cloud on AWS or AWS compared to your on-premises environment.

You do not need to have any existing VMware products, licenses or subscriptions to sign up and start using the free migration assessment service of VMware Tanzu Transformer.

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