Managing Unstructured Data at Scale

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension is a modern data storage exclusive to VMware Cloud Director and Cloud Director service ecosystem. VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension (OSE) is easy-to-use, highly available and compatible with S3 – which is a widely adopted and scalable object storage service.

Cloud Infrastructure Modernization and Migration

As enterprises modernize their virtual infrastructure with innovative IAAS services, the role of Object Storage is becoming indispensable in every cloud migration journey. With its high availability and reliability, VMware Cloud Director Object Storage is a critical asset for cloud continuum.

Cloud Security and Protection

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage protects a wide variety of unstructured data through on-demand Kubernetes Backup & Restore, native S3 object-lock and, custom bucket and policy encryption features.

Rich Interoperability and Searchability

Cloud providers have the flexibility to integrate any third-party S3-compatible object storage platform into VMware Cloud Director, expanding their offerings and collaborating with numerous partners.The supported storage includes Cloudian HyperStore, Dell ECS, Ceph, and native AWS S3.

Ready to Get Started?

Implement data storage that is scalable, robust and agile using VMware Cloud Director and gain unmatched flexibility with your S3 complinace storage services.