Leverage Hybrid Cloud Networking & Security Solutions

Enjoy intrinsic security policies globally and precise control across virtual networks, regions, and clouds. NSX Cloud currently supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, including Azure Government and AWS GovCloud (US) regions.

Unify Your Policy Management

Enjoy centralized policy management and granular micro-segmentation across your on-premises and public clouds — including virtual desktops deployed by VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure.

See Everything from a Single Interface

Ensure the health and compliance of applications across data centers and clouds by enabling end-to-end visibility of networking and security from a single pane of glass.

Harness Deployment Flexibility

Manage both the security posture and networking of public cloud workloads using either NSX constructs or native public cloud constructs.

Make Use of Tools You Already Know

Gain advantage by leveraging familiar NSX and VMware networking and security tools. Integrate easily, be up and running faster, and drive operational efficiency.


NSX Enforced Mode

Use NSX tools for consistent security and networking policy enforcement across on-premises and native public cloud workloads.

Multi-cloud, Multi-site Networking and Security

Bring networking and security capabilities to endpoints across multiple clouds and, by integrating with NSX Data Center, enable networking and security management across clouds and data center sites.

Cloud Enforced Mode

Use a public cloud provider’s security and networking constructs for consistent security and networking policy enforcement across on-premises and native public cloud workloads.

L7 Distributed Firewall

Gain control over east-west traffic between application workloads running natively in public clouds with stateful firewalling up to Layer 7 (application identification and distributed FQDN allowlisting). This enables the enforcement of security policies to VMs as well as native services in public clouds.

Discovery and Protection of Native Public Cloud Service Endpoints

Enable discovery and protection of native public cloud service endpoints in addition to virtual machines (VMs) and Amazon EC2 instances.

Rich Abstraction for Security Policy Definition

Define security groups and rules based on rich policy constructs,  such as instance name, OS type, Amazon Machine Image (AMI) ID, and userdefined tags.

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