Automate management of networking and security services across environments and application frameworks with VMware NSX.


VMware NSX virtualizes all networking and security functions to enable faster deployment through automation by reducing manual, error-prone tasks. Complete lifecycle automation of applications ensures that policy is provisioned, managed, and retired in lock step with workloads, eliminating operational bottlenecks in the application lifecycle.


This all allows for fast, consistent networking and security across both traditional and new applications, regardless of whether they reside in the data center or on public and private clouds. Automating traditional IT tasks, new cloud-native architectures and platforms, and ongoing operations empowers IT organizations and developers to move at the increasing speed of business.


Automation with VMware NSX Data Center

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IT Automation

Automate the provisioning, deployment, and management of networking and security services across environments and application architectures.

Streamline Operations

NSX Data Center lays the foundation for gaining deep visibility and insight into network traffic, enabling proactive micro-segmentation and capacity planning, as well as automated troubleshooting and remediation.

Cloud-Native Automation

Use NSX Data Center to automate common networking and security policies across traditional VM-based environments, containers, microservice architectures, and clouds. Make infrastructure-as-code-based development cycles faster, more connected, and more secure.


Nebraska Medicine Automates Networking and Simplifies Operations

With NSX Data Center, Nebraska Medicine significantly reduced the time it takes to provision networking and security services.

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