Container Networking and Secure Microservices

VMware NSX-T Data Center provides native full-stack networking and security for containerized workloads, consistent granular policy on a per-container basis, and integration across apps, platforms, hypervisors, sites, and clouds. This enables native container-to-container L3 networking, micro-segmentation of the containerized workloads that comprise microservices, and end-to-end visibility of networking and security policy across both traditional and new application frameworks.


Cloud-Native with VMware NSX-T Data Center

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Use Cases for Cloud-Native

Container Networking

NSX Data Center treats containers like any other endpoint, enabling container-to-container L3 networking via the container networking interface (CNI), rather than relying on NAT for VMs that are wrapped around containers.

End-to-End Visibility

NSX Data Center provides visibility functions like Traceflow, enabling the following of network traffic between any endpoints, including container-to-container communication. This also allows for robust troubleshooting because it shows where in the path a packet is dropped when the connection fails.

Micro-segmentation for Microservices

NSX Data Center enables micro-segmentation down to the level of individual containers using the distributed firewall, creating secure microservices for cloud-native applications.