Multi-Cloud Networking Overview


How can organizations continue to deliver services and applications quickly and securely? How can they bring consistency across different data center sites?

By using VMware NSX Data Center to extend the network across data centers and to the public cloud, your business can deploy applications anywhere and move them seamlessly, independent of geographic boundaries.

Solution Brief: Multi-Cloud Networking with NSX Data Center

Solution Brief: Multi-Cloud Networking with NSX Data Center

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Use Cases for Multi-Cloud Networking

DC Extension

Seamlessly extends on-premises data centers to other physical sites and to the cloud using NSX Cloud, and move applications rapidly and securely between sites, while maintaining an application’s networking services, to achieve scale, efficiency and economics.

Workload Mobility

Move applications and workloads seamlessly between data centers and the public cloud. Network and security configuration of the VM is preserved, regardless of where the workload is running at a particular point in time.

Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

Create a unified, seamless and resilient pool of networking and security infrastructure to run applications distributed across multiple data centers and to the public cloud. Completely synchronize network and security configuration to a recovery site, without the need to reconfigure IP addresses, recreate security policies or use manual tools and scripts to synchronize configuration across sites.


Baystate Health used multi-cloud networking

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Baystate Health Makes Their Network Secure and Agile

Thanks to hyperconverged infrastructure from VMware, Baystate Health makes huge gains in storage capacity, security, and cost savings – in a rapidly changing environment.