Protect your Network with Micro-Segmentation


VMware NSX Data Center helps you operationalize zero trust security for applications in private and public cloud environments. Whether your goal is to lock down critical applications, create a logical DMZ in software, or reduce the attack surface of a virtual desktop environment, NSX Data Center enables micro-segmentation to define and enforce network security policies consistently on any workload hosted anywhere.


Learn about NSX security and micro-segmentation.

Empowering Zero Trust Security Through Network Virtualization and Micro-Segmentation


Holistic Application Visibility

Decrease the amount of time that your network security teams spend in application security review cycles. Unique visibility into application composition – from network traffic to process-level behavior on workloads – helps automate the creation of network security policies.

Consistent Enforcement of Security Controls

Stop managing separate policies for different parts of the environment. With NSX Data Center, you can enforce network security policies that span multi-data-center and hybrid cloud environments to secure traffic between VMs, containers, and bare metal servers, alike.

Adaptive Network Security Policies

Shift security from a reactive process to a proactive step in the application development lifecycle. Automatically provision security policies for each workload that will remain with the workload even as the application changes over time. When workloads are deprecated, so are their security policies -- decreasing policy bloat over time and further simplifying management.


Adaptive Micro-Segmentation to Protect Critical Applications

With adaptive micro-segmentation, deep application visibility can automatically translate into network security policies. As applications change over time, security policies adapt with them. This helps ensure cohesive, agile security without the need for tiresome application security reviews and adjustments to firewall rule tables.

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Create DMZs in Software

Create and manage DMZs entirely in software, reducing the need for additional costly physical hardware and significantly simplifying ongoing management.

Watch this lightboard video to learn more.   See how University of New Mexico built its DMZs in software. 

Secure Virtual Desktop Environments

Protect VDI environments by enforcing security policy at the virtual desktop and RDSH session level. Additionally, you can use NSX Data Center to manage virtual desktop network traffic with software-defined load balancing. This approach eliminates costs for additional load balancer hardware and simplifies management for VDI-generated network traffic.

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Agentless Antivirus for Workloads

Boost workload performance and reduce management headaches by offloading antivirus agents to the hypervisor, using Agentless AV. When AV identifies a threat, automatically act using NSX Data Center.

Test-Drive Micro-segmentation

Try the NSX Data Center Micro-segmentation Hands-on Lab, no installation required.

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Interfaith Medical Center Protects Critical Patient Data with NSX Data Center

NSX Data Center enables Interfaith Medical Center to embrace a zero trust security model, providing better patient data security and meeting compliance mandates.


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