Get VDI Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor the Health of Your Entire Stack

Solve problems in your desktop environment with vRealize Operations for Horizon before they slow down users.

How to monitor VDI with vRealize Operations for Horizon?

Monitor Your Horizon Environments

A single platform monitors your Horizon environment and is extensible to the data center.

Monitor the Entire Stack

Track the health of the hypervisor layer, network, sessions, users and apps including NVIDIA GRID® desktops through a single console.

Deliver a Better User Experience

Smart alerts with dynamic thresholds allow you to easily isolate system weaknesses and proactively optimize performance.

Utilize Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Proactively monitor, troubleshoot and remediate your environment and take advantage of built-in reporting capabilities.

Improved Utilization

Reclaim over-provisioned hardware and easily reconfigure resources to optimize utilization. 

Plan for Success

Utilize usage and trend metrics to plan and justify future infrastructure needs. 


vRealize Operations for Horizon monitors the health and performance of the end-to-end stack: from Horizon down through the underlying infrastructure, to the NVIDIA vGPU.

Monitor the Health and Performance of Virtual Desktops

Learn how vRealize Operations for Horizon helps solve IT problems.

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The Australian government realized value using vRealize Operations for Horizon.

vRealize Operations for Horizon Community

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Explore Horizon 8

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Monitors Performance of your Horizon Environment on vSphere

A single console provides administrators with applications and desktop performance metrics and usage insights. The fully customizable dashboards automatically track detailed health of your end user computing deployment, from virtual applications and desktop down to the underlying vSphere infrastructure.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Map your running compute, storage and network resources, then assess and analyze dependencies to easily view health, risk and efficiency status for your VDI deployment. Gain operational intelligence by identifying over-provisioned hardware, bottlenecks and resource constraints. Reconfigure resources and systems as needed for optimal utilization.

Delivers Better User Experience

Quickly find and troubleshoot problems across your end user computing environment with in-guest metrics that analyze user and session-centric metrics, including CPU/RAM/disk utilization, logon times, PCoIP and Blast protocol performance and application experience. Easily isolate system weaknesses and proactively optimize performance.

Integrates with NVIDIA GRID

Extend the graphics performance insight of NVIDIA GRID desktops, giving administrators a single pane of glass management experience. Dashboards give you a full view of your Horizon and NVIDIA deployment, including session-specific GPU utilization, GPU memory usage and encode metrics, GPU type, user-specific alerts from GRID, and a “heat map” for GPU use cycle and memory, warning administrators of performance degradation before users are impacted.

Provides Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Automatically learn normal operating patterns for Horizon infrastructure and user workloads. Leverage these analytics to set alerts based on dynamic rather than “hard” thresholds to catch system deficiencies while minimizing false positives. Receive advanced notifications before events impact end users to proactively manage your environment. Take advantage of user-centric dashboards and out-of-the box usage and license-compliance reports, and easily remediate your environment with common commands.

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