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Take a deep dive into vSAN storage virtualization

Refresh your knowledge of VMware vSAN with our new Foundations of vSAN Architecture YouTube series.

Maximize Flexibility and Future-Proof HCI

Manage compute and storage resources on a single platform by combining vSphere with integrated hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) powered by vSAN. Our integrated, software-defined solution is the easiest path to future-ready HCI and hybrid cloud systems, delivering faster operations, lower costs and improved business agility.

Seamless HCI Transformation

Using your current VMware tools, extend virtualization to storage with our secure hyperconverged solution – built to integrate with your hypervisor and leading public cloud providers.

Multi-Cloud HCI Platform

Enhance IT productivity with centralized visibility and alerts for your vSAN infrastructure from a single cloud console, and manage virtual machine and container-based applications seamlessly with VMware Tanzu integration.

Lower Costs

Get better price per performance using the latest storage technology on industry-standard servers.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Optimize performance of next-generation storage devices with vSAN Express Storage Architecture™, while protecting your investment in existing tools and processes.

Meet vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture

vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture delivers the highest levels of performance and efficiency from your next-generation storage devices.

Optimized Performance

Boost performance on next-generation devices by up to 4x, without compromising space efficiency.

Supreme Efficiency

Lower storage TCO by up to 40% with enhanced data compression and adaptive storage efficiencies.

Heightened Resilience

Boost availability and meet higher SLA requirements through a new storage pool construct.

Agile Operations

Enjoy a consistent, intuitive management experience across all vSAN deployments and architectures.

More Benefits of vSAN

Scale Without Compromise

Scale compute and storage to meet your application needs efficiently and flexibly with VMware HCI Mesh.

Simplify Operations

Roll out new infrastructure and applications easily, with minimal training.

Developer-Ready Infrastructure

Get the self-service capabilities developers need to create apps at scale, plus the governance IT admins need to manage VMs and containers.

Introducing vSAN+

vSAN+ delivers cloud-connected, subscription-based vSAN services for on-premises deployments.

Flexible Consumption Model

Pay-as-you-grow subscription options help you simplify and manage costs.

Streamline Maintenance

Shrink infrastructure maintenance windows with one-click updates.

Enhance Productivity with Central Visibility

Track global inventory, centrally provision VMs, and view alerts from a single cloud management console.

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Future-Proof Your HCI with vSAN Express Storage Architecture

Learn how vSAN Express Storage Architecture optimizes performance and space efficiency of your next-generation storage devices.

Compare Editions


Best suited for hybrid environments with per-VM storage policies


Standard Edition plus all-flash space efficiency features


Advanced Edition plus software-defined, data-at-rest encryption and stretched clusters

Enterprise Plus

Advanced management for performance optimization and efficient capacity management to transform data centers into a simple, unified cloud operating system


Our premier HCI offering, with cloud-connected services that centralize management and enhance efficiency 

Frequently Asked Questions

vSAN benefits include:

  • Seamless evolution: vSAN is integrated with vSphere, extending virtualization to storage with the same tools and skillsets.
  • Industry-leading flexibility: Run HCI on certified solutions from 18 OEM server vendors and use native services with leading public clouds.
  • Multi-cloud capabilities: Get consistent operations from edge to core to cloud, with intrinsic security throughout.
  • Centralized apps: Manage traditional and modern apps on the same platform.

A vSAN cluster needs at least two physical hosts, with dedicated local storage devices and shared witness. For more information, see VMware Compatibility Guide for Systems/Servers and VMware Compatibility Guide for vSAN.

vSAN is integrated with the VMware vSphere Hypervisor: unlike other solutions, there’s no need to install additional software or deploy storage controller virtual appliances to every host in the cluster. To configure and manage a vSAN cluster, only vCenter Server is required.

Yes, vSphere can access and use traditional datastores with vSAN and vSphere Virtual Volumes. In most cases, vSphere Storage vMotion can be used to migrate VMs between these datastore types. This makes it easy to migrate existing workloads when performing maintenance or retiring a storage solution.

To evaluate an existing environment for migration to vSAN, request a free HCI assessment. This data can be used with the vSAN ReadyNode Sizer to determine suitable vSAN ReadyNode server configurations.

You can increase storage capacity in a couple of ways: scale out your clusters by adding nodes, or scale up existing nodes by adding capacity. Cluster Quickstart makes it easy to add compute and storage capacity to a vSAN cluster.

There are four vSAN deployment options: a jointly engineered turnkey system, Global Partner Appliances, vSAN ReadyNodes, and as a service with cloud providers. See vSAN deployment options for more information.

For detailed guidance on enabling vSAN, see vSAN documentation.

For step-by-step instructions on configuring a vSAN cluster, see vSAN documentation.

vSAN ReadyNodes are x86 servers that have been pre-configured, tested and certified for VMware HCI software. Each ReadyNode is optimally configured for vSAN with the required amount of CPU, memory, network, I/O controllers and storage. For more information, see vSAN ReadyNodes.

vSAN+ is the premier HCI offering, delivering the cloud connected services IT to centralize management and enhance efficiency. vSAN+ is offered as a subscription.


  •  Simplify vCenter updates with service lifecycle management support (vSphere+ required). Update/patch/upgrade all on-premises vCenter instances through a single control plane.
  •  Enhance IT productivity through single-console visibility of multiple vCenter servers (vSphere+ required).
  • Build, run, manage and secure workloads with rapidly deployable cloud services, all connected to your on-premises infrastructure.

Yes, subject to standard market restrictions due to export controls and/or sanctions.

vSAN Express Storage Architecture is an optional next-generation architecture built into vSAN to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency from your NVMe storage devices.

  • Optimized performance: Maximize performance on NVMe-based TLC devices, without compromising space efficiency.
  • Supreme efficiency: Achieve higher data compression and space savings, lowering TCO.
  • Heightened resilience: Boost availability and meet higher SLA requirements.
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