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With former CIOs, CTOs and industry consultants in our ranks, we're experts at uncovering hidden barriers, finding opportunities and formulating pragmatic IT transformation strategies.

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services Overview

Accelerate Evaluation Services 

Knowing what to measure during your transformation is crucial to reducing costs, improving productivity and becoming more agile than your competitors. Our evaluative benchmarking analysis includes high-level peer benchmarks, current and future state assessments, value and architectural modeling, process optimization insight and custom KPI dashboards.

Virtualization Evaluation (Move the Needle)

Our benchmarking analysts gauge your organization's basic virtualization maturity in relationship to industry peers. We’ll uncover your company's ability and readiness to leverage virtualization and automation technologies to support innovation and fuel business growth.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Evaluation

Highly virtualized organizations can plateau and miss value opportunities. Our experts delve deep into your environment, exposing new strategies to release value, optimize your organizational structure and increase operational efficiency and agility.

End-User Computing (EUC) Evaluation

Drawing on broad experience, our team will help assess your organization's end-user computing (EUC) capabilities in relationship to industry peers. You'll gain insight into measurements that address your specific business challenges and we’ll guide you along an implementation roadmap to ensure success.

IT Transformation Evaluation

IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) initiatives are complex and prioritizing measurements across your stakeholders can be challenging. Our successful track record enables us to provide industry peer comparisons, quantify potential value of functional improvements, and model architectural recommendations that ensure that you're focused on meaningful business drivers.

Transform Your Organization to the New IT

Accelerate Diagnostic Services 

Successful virtualization and ITaaS initiatives require a thorough understanding of the changes needed to sustain and maintain your new environment. How well you plan for adjustments in organization, staffing, operations, processes and procedures can mean the difference between failure and success.

Operational Readiness Diagnostic

We know what it takes to ensure a successful IT transformation and will provide the insight into people and processes, including measurement of strategic operational capabilities, identification of areas requiring improvement and a pragmatic plan to help you achieve your goals.

IT Technology Diagnostic

Using a variety of diagnostic tools, such as the Accelerate Transformation Assessment (ATA) scale, we'll take a quantitative approach to accessing your cloud environment. Our proven benchmarking process provides invaluable insight into your technology and process maturity compared to what is possible in the industry today, helping you identify and take action on untapped potential.

Cloud Business Management Diagnostic

Understanding the financial implications of ITaaS can be challenging. Our seasoned consultants can provide the insight required to understand and operationalize your new role as a service broker. We'll review proven methods to define services, determine cost, set pricing, monitor user consumption and measure ongoing SLA compliance, helping you drive business value and IT agility.

Hybrid Versus Public Cloud Risk Analysis

Our experts will use an unrivaled body of knowledge to delve into the true risks and benefits of hybrid versus public clouds. We'll help uncover and measure the potential risks to your organization, while helping you gain a deeper understanding of the cost differences to drive informed decision-making for your organization's needs.

Organizational Agility Workshop

People are at the heart of any successful change. Our consultants will help you uncover barriers, common pitfalls and proven strategies to establish the right organizational mindset, alignment and capabilities to drive and sustain transformational change.

IT Strategy Services

Accelerate Strategy Services 

Let our experts work with your stakeholders, IT teams and lines of business to develop a comprehensive strategy, roadmap and pragmatic action plan for your enterprise IT transformation to speed time-to-value and deliver measurable business results.


We'll work with you to review technology, people and processes to design an actionable model for implementing ITaaS to meet the needs of your business. Defined services will accelerate your time-to-impact and help you develop a foundation and strategy for the cloud that is both business- and value-centric.

End-User Computing and Mobility

Our experts understand the complexity and risk associated with end-user computing and mobility. We will help you quantify the benefits of a leading-edge application environment, as well as the impact to your user community. Together, we'll develop a strategy and roadmap for an inclusive EUC environment that is aligned to your business requirements.

Software-Defined Data Center

A software-defined data center could be your next business value breakthrough. We'll help you determine current feasibility, quantify the potential value and ROI, and determine future state requirements to support a strong financial and capability-centric business case. Our experts will develop an actionable strategy and pragmatic plan that will deliver tangible business value.

Private and Hybrid Cloud

Our consultants use unrivaled virtualization expertise to identify your organization's cloud requirements—including extending your data center capabilities outside your four walls—and develop an enterprise cloud strategy supported by an actionable roadmap that will convert possibilities into business value. You'll benefit from an expert-led review of the value and relative risks of common execution methods, as well as potential impacts on your organization's governance and security policies.

Cloud Operations

Once an enterprise cloud is established, organizations can stay on the same course and seize opportunities for breakthrough value and efficiencies. Our consultants will provide a full review of your people and operational processes, assessing your existing capabilities, and providing actionable recommendations to mature your environment and realize additional business value.

Your Roadmap to the Software-Defined Data Center

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