Efficiency and Savings with Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

Accelerate application lifecycles and improve application quality of service by consolidating your SQL Servers on hybrid or multi-cloud with VMware vSphere. Consolidate your SQL infrastructure by 4X to 20X and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50 percent while avoiding the painful compromises associated with traditional database consolidation.

Consolidate SQL Server on vSphere

Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on vSphere consolidates databases while optimizing compute resources. Migrate SQL servers in their current state without error-prone application migrations.

Minimize Impact on Applications

Preserve existing SQL Server configurations with a “physical to virtual” (P2V) migration, which doesn’t require application migration or changes to the operating system or SQL Server versions.

Achieve Density on Multicore Servers

Most SQL instances do not require more than eight [PH1] cores. Easily consolidate smaller SQL databases with vSphere to fully utilize large servers and achieve consolidation ratios of 10X or more.

Save Costs with License Consolidation

Once all the physical processors of a host have been licensed, deploy an unlimited number of SQL virtual machines (depending on the edition), consolidating licenses on fewer physical processors. 

VMware Products for Microsoft SQL Server on Hybrid Cloud

Explore products that support Microsoft SQL Server on hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.


Server virtualization software

vSphere vMotion

Zero downtime workload migration

VMware Cloud on AWS

Consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS

Microsoft Application for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Reduce complexity and enhance resilience

vSphere High Availability

Uniform and cost-effective failover protection

Distributed Resource Scheduler 

Improve vSphere workload management

VMware Cloud Foundation

Hybrid cloud platform

Additional Benefits

Improve SQL Server Performance

Achieve application performance parity in any VMware vSphere-based environment, compared to a non-virtualized environment.

Gain Additional High Availability Features

Microsoft applications’ native HA features are fully supported by both Microsoft and VMware for any modern vSphere platforms.

Run SQL Server on VMware Cloud on AWS

Combine AWS services with the performance and resilience of SQL Server and the functionality of VMware. 

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