Secure Application Infrastructure for the Digital Enterprise

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Build Intrinsic Security into Your Infrastructure

See how VMware delivers security, compliance, and management simplicity across your environment.

Take the advantage from cyber attackers by focusing on “known good” application behavior rather than identifying and reacting to an increasing number of threats. Gain unprecedented visibility for applications, users, and devices from security controls architected directly into the hypervisor. VMware’s Secure Application Infrastructure provides adaptive workload protection and dramatically simplified security.


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New Modern Application Infrastructure Security Paradigm

Embrace Modern Application Infrastructure Security

In today’s enterprise, applications and data are more distributed than ever, producing a significantly expanded attack surface. Apps are also changing faster to keep up with business needs. Traditional perimeter-based defenses simply can’t keep up with these challenges. VMware enables security teams to architect security directly into the networks and workloads on which applications and data live. We call this kind of intrinsic, adaptive security our Secure Application Infrastructure.

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Modernize Your App Infrastructure Security

Reduce the Attack Surface

Protect east-west traffic with micro-segmentation to prevent the lateral spread of threats. Use the intelligence of the VMware Application Verification Cloud to build and verify known good app behavior — no additional agents or appliances needed.

Leverage Deep App Visibility Across Clouds

Get application awareness well beyond Layer 7 with machine learning that understands and adapts to applications over time. This provides unprecedented visibility into apps, users, and devices.

Deliver Granular Protection for Apps and Data

Leverage VMware’s virtualization layer to enable intrinsic security for your infrastructure and the applications and data it supports. Simplify policies and management across all your environments as you provide consistent security everywhere.

Speed Enforcement and Remediation

Automate security operations that would otherwise be complex manual tasks, including policy enforcement of known good for apps, users, and endpoints — and remediation when a threat is detected.

Address the security requirements of modern apps and data

Go beyond traditional firewalls with an internal firewall

Go beyond traditional firewalls with an internal firewall

Solve for the varying security capabilities of cloud services

Secure DevOps workflows to drive agility and speed

Secure DevOps workflows to drive agility and speed

Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

Transform Your Business

Learn about a new approach to building and operating a single virtual cloud network for all your apps and data, wherever they run.

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Deliver Intrinsic Security

Leverage adaptive, and deep visibility to secure apps and workloads in your data centers, clouds, and endpoints.

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Deliver Protection Across Clouds

Secure east-west network traffic and protect workloads across multi-cloud environments with a purpose-built internal firewall.

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Build on a Foundation of NSX

Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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