Transform IT to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Retail is going through a transformational period, requiring businesses to adopt new paradigms to survive in increasingly competitive marketplaces. Successful retailers, including 19 of the 20 top global brands, are differentiating customer experiences and growing revenue with VMware.

Delight customers with contextual interactions. Create consistent, personalized buying experiences. Streamline warehouse and distribution center processes. Improve merchandising, inventory management, and speed to market. Boost workforce productivity and deliver real-time product promotion and training updates on any device—all with a secure platform that protects your brand and customer trust.


Augment Store Operations and Embrace Digital

VMware solutions improve retail experiences, digital workflows, and operations--from the data center to store aisles.

Digital Transformation in Retail

Discover how retailers deploying VMware solutions are improving customer and associate experiences by modernizing and mobilizing retail IT. 

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2017 Retail Tech Trends

More than buzz, learn how IoT, AR/VR, and cloud innovation will pay dividends this year to tech-savvy retailers.

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Modernize Data Centers to Support Retail Platforms 

In the competitive world of retail, IT is becoming a primary differentiator. VMware solutions are helping retailers drive innovation and agility by building a modern data center. Retailers can speed everything from checkout to supply chain management creating a flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure. Learn how to apply a modern IT architecture to grow revenue and drive operational efficiencies.

Empower the Digital Workspace for Retail 

Take advantage of mobile opportunities. Enable faster and more responsive service from your retail associates. Create a Secure Digital Workspace for Retail to meet customer expectations on-demand—anytime, anywhere, using any device. Explore how to quickly scale merchandising, application, and mobile device deployments across locations, creating consistent shopping environments.

Smart Retail with VMware IoT 

The store of the future is a now requirement. Retailers worldwide are turning to innovative technologies from VMware to enhance in-store shopping experiences and collect critical information to help convert data to dollars. Explore how VMware technology increases customer experiences, supply chain automation, and predictive maintenance by enabling control of IoT.

Integrate Public Clouds 

The velocity of change in retail IT is making recognized brands rethink their IT strategies and consider cloud as a way to transform retail processes. Learn how VMware can help create a foundation of shared technologies to serve both digital and in-store needs to transform shopping experiences, support in-store expansion and improve operational uptime so you always make a sale.

Transform Security and Streamline Compliance 

Help protect customer, employee, and corporate data beyond the transaction, safeguarding brand and customer trust. Strengthen cybersecurity across retail platforms while helping to ensure PCI compliance. Read more about improving loss prevention efforts and securing sensitive customer information from point of sale to the data center.


Digital transformation is about creating new possibilities for retail organizations. Here’s how VMware is helping customers realize what’s possible.


Learn how Columbia Sportswear is securing customer transactions and protecting brand trust with VMware solutions. 


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See how Sally Beauty Company is teaming with VMware to increase workforce productivity and empowers store personnel.


Connecting in Retail: Consistency Across Devices  

An omni-channel, immersive experience can benefit customers and improve employee productivity