Flourish With Retail Management Software

VMware can help you onboard, manage, monitor and secure all your IoT things throughout their lifecycle- be it a RFID tag, shelf sensor, security camera, or a delivery truck. In addition, we can help you securely redirect, manage and act upon the continuous stream of data coming from all these connected devices. With VMware IoT management solutions, you will be able to improve sales, reduce costs and be able to keep up with your customers ever changing needs.


Connected Retail

Take Control of IoT


IoT has the potential to transform every aspect of the brick and mortar retail business by creating new efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Optimize your supply chain by tracking your product through its lifecycle to better predict stock outs and replenishment issues.

Create Next Gen Customer Experiences

Get customer 360 view by tracking and combining all customer experiences- in-store retail, mobile retail, or digital commerce for better personalization and targeted marketing.

Optimize Merchandizing

Track in store shopper movement to optimize store layout and product placement.

Streamline Store Operations

Analyze traffic and footfall patterns to optimize staffing and perform in-store inventory management to reduce operational costs.