Transform Security and Streamline Compliance

The retail industry is a target for cyber criminals, making it imperative that personally identifiable information and transactions are secure to reduce the cost and reputational damage of data breaches. VMware enables secure interactions between customers, applications, and data, in an environment that is changing and becoming increasingly dynamic. Safeguard against cyber threats from the data center to the store to protect the bottom line and brand reputation.


Learn how Columbia Sportswear is securing customer transactions and protecting brand trust with VMware solutions. 

Solution Benefits

Mitigate risks

Monitor all POS images and endpoints and repair in real time to prevent security breaches, data leakage, and cyber-attacks before they happen.

Increase customer trust and loyalty

Limit security breaches with micro-segmentation for granular levels of datacenter security. Secure mobile devices, apps, and networks on cloud and datacenter resources by integrating enterprise mobility management, threat security, and intelligent network security to protect customer and corporate information.

Reduce time spent on compliance

Enforce corporate mandated POS images, secure content and email based on compliance, implement identity and access management with conditional access to maintain compliance across stores and corporate devices.


VMware NSX Data Center

Maintain host-based security with fine-grained network controls and micro-segmentation with VMware NSX Data Center.

VMware AirWatch

Help prevent data leaks with granular policy-based data loss prevention controls across devices, apps, and content with VMware AirWatch.



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