Deep Analytics at Extreme Scale and Speed

The VMware Greenplum database allows organizations to utilize a rich and varied analytic toolset on a unified platform that utilizes both local as well as external data, all with a convenient SQL interface.

Analytics from BI to AI

Greenplum reduces data silos by providing a single, scale-out environment for converging your analytic and operational workloads, like streaming ingestion.

Open Source Innovation

VMware Greenplum is based on PostgreSQL and the Greenplum Database project. Instead of depending on expensive proprietary databases, users can benefit from the contributions of a vibrant community of developers.

Deploy Anywhere

Greenplum provides your enterprise with flexibility and choice. Deploy Greenplum on all major public and private cloud platforms, on-premises, and in sovereign clouds.

Enterprise Data Science

Tackle data science from experimentation to massive deployment with Apache MADlib, the open source library of in-cluster machine learning functions for the Postgres family of databases.


Cloud-Agnostic for Flexible Deployment

Greenplum is available on leading public cloud marketplaces, in addition to VMware vSphere and OpenStack private clouds, with the same Greenplum version and tools across all clouds.

Value and Performance in an Appliance-Like Experience

Dell and VMware's joint Reference Architecture is the most performant way to run VMware Greenplum in an on-premises deployment. Users can also deploy Greenplum on HP- and Cisco-certified configurations and commodity hardware.

Analytics for Business and Artificial Intelligence

Use geospatial analytics based on open source PostGIS, and text analytics based on Apache Solr with Greenplum’s GPText. Extensive support for R and Python analytical libraries, as well as Keras and Tensorflow.

Handle Streaming Data and Cloud Data with Ease

Greenplum includes integration with the Kafka ecosystem, certified by Confluent. With improved low-latency writes, Greenplum provides fast event processing for streaming use cases.

Maximize Uptime and Protect Data Integrity

Greenplum has features for high availability, intelligent fault detection, fast online differential recovery, and full incremental backup and disaster recovery.

Industry-Leading Performance

With its unique, cost-based query optimizer designed for large-scale data workloads, Greenplum scales interactive and batch-mode analytics to large datasets in the petabytes without degrading query performance and throughput.

Based on Open Source Projects

All VMware Greenplum contributions are part of the Greenplum Database project and share the same database core, including the MPP architecture, analytical interfaces and security capabilities.

Massively Parallel, Highly Concurrent Architecture

Greenplum features a shared-nothing architecture that automates parallel processing of data and queries and petabyte-scale data ingestion.


Architecture of VMware Greenplum
Whatever use case we can dream up and whatever ways we can think of to better understand the user, Greenplum allows us to do it.
- John Conley, Vice President of Data Warehousing, Conversant

Run Greenplum on Cloud Marketplaces

Run Greenplum on cloud marketplaces for comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data.

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