VMware IT Benchmarking Products

See how your IT stacks up against your peers with objective evidence across a range of metrics. VMware Benchmark Data is collected objectively across 20 industries and 18 towers to provide more than 3,500 metrics or points of comparison to see how your IT organization is performing. Using the first Automated Analysis Engine, VMware IT Benchmark Data automatically compares you to your industry and functional peers without the bias traditionally found in more expensive and manual benchmarks. Choose the VMware Benchmarking product that is right for your organization:

VMware IT Benchmark Tower  

The VMware IT Benchmark Tower offers you the most flexible and complete approach to getting the detailed focus into areas where your IT organization excels and where there are opportunities to improve. Choose among eighteen towers covering more than 3,500 metrics to create a comprehensive benchmark covering every area of interest across your IT organization.

Each Tower includes not only primary and top-level metrics to provide high-level indicators by category, cost and efficiency, but also granular, ground level metrics that drive true actionability. Benchmark Towers are available in value-priced Tower 10-packs and can even be combined with the Benchmark Starter Kit for a truly comprehensive benchmarking solution.

VMware Benchmark Tower includes detailed reports with hundreds of metrics from peers with a comparable IT footprint.

The Benchmark Tower is ideal for organizations looking to aggressively start:

  • Managing increased service levels and decreased costs
  • Driving strategies in rightsizing, re-engineering and reorganization
  • Justifying outsourcing decisions and establishing milestones
  • Baselining measurements required by total quality and continuous improvement programs
  • Determining alignment between IT and the business
  • Increasing business value through IT
VMware IT Benchmark Starter Kit  

The VMware IT Benchmark Starter Kit is a great way to get started with benchmarking or to obtain high-level metrics in areas where all metrics are simply not desired. The Benchmark Starter Kit provides a mid-level overview, enabling IT to get a sense of how it compares to both industry and functional peers across any 30 metrics pulled from any three Towers (standard modules) with 10 metrics from each of the three selected Towers.

The VMware IT Benchmark Starter Kit includes different reports based on the information provided. If only high-level information is provided, reports will only show high-level upper and lower “totals” metrics from system-determined peers for the Towers selected. If full detailed information is provided for the Towers, reports will show the full breadth of IT’s 30 metrics alongside its system-determined functional and industry peer metrics – providing extra flexibility for quick and fast versus more detailed benchmarks.

The Benchmark Starter Kit is ideal for:

  • Getting started with benchmarking
  • Gaining an industry and peer baseline view
  • Learning where to focus improvement efforts
  • Pre-validating for a full benchmark
  • Performing a key-area IT check
  • Augmenting a full benchmark in other Towers with only top metrics for Towers where a full benchmark is not required
VMware IT Benchmark Basic - for VMware Partners  

VMware IT Benchmark Basic is an automated web application that generates standardized high-level reports of key industry metrics using a high-level set of client data. These reports are ideal for use as part of broader IT consulting projects or initiatives. Simply use the tool to select the industry, desired Towers and a complexity range. Once the client’s data is entered, the system assigns a custom industry peer group based upon the information provided and automatically generates a report with key statistical averages customized to the client. The Benchmark Basic is ideal for VMware partners to help clients with:

  • Getting a high-level performance overview
  • Obtaining an industry baseline view
  • Performing a key area IT check
  • Identifying priorities for a full benchmark
  • Establishing credibility of benchmarking data source