Advanced Distributed Security for VMware Cloud on AWS workloads

Ensure workloads are secure and compliance goals are met. NSX Advanced Firewall for VMware Cloud on AWS customers provides layer 7 distributed security that scales linearly with VMs, with no blind spots during network traffic inspections.

Distributed IDS/ IPS

Distributed traffic inspection that scales seamlessly, with context based threat prevention.

Distributed Firewall with Active Directory based User ID

Per user and session application access control with an Identity Firewall.

Distributed Firewall with Layer 7 Application ID

Deep Packet Inspection built into the hypervisor with built in profiles for common enterprise applications.

Distributed Firewall with FQDN Filtering

Permit or deny communication to specific destinations in the Internet.

Limited Time Pricing

For a limited time - this optional add-on is available at no additional charge through September 30, 2021, on SDDC version 1.15. If customer chooses to continue using the service and become a paying customer, the pricing schedule below will apply starting on October 1, 2021.

List Price per host: i3.metal


Effective Hourly ($ per host)


Effective Monthly ($ per host)


List Price per host: i3en.metal


Effective Hourly ($ per host)


Effective Monthly ($ per host)


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