VMware® vRealize™ Orchestrator™ allows administrators to develop complex automation tasks, then quickly access and launch workflows from the VMware vSphere® client, various components of VMware® vCloud Suite®, or other triggering mechanisms.

Simple yet Robust Workflow Creation

  • Automate complex processes - Design and automate complex, customized workflows in just a few clicks.
  • Pre-built workflow library - Take advantage of the extensive workflow library, which contains pre-built tasks that solve specific challenges and perform common administrative actions.
  • Scalable performance - Execute hundreds or thousands of concurrent workflows on single or distributed architectures.
  • Check-pointing - Perform server restarts—even for long-running processes—without losing workflow state and context, thanks to integration with production-grade external databases that store vital details.
  • Scripting engine - Create new building blocks for workflows, as well as for other actions and policies, using a JavaScript-based scripting engine that offers basic version control, variable type-checking, name space management and exception handling.
  • Policy engine - Allow external events to launch appropriate workflows in response to infrastructure failures or state changes.

Accelerate Process Automation

  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box workflows - Accelerate and reduce the cost of IT service delivery across your organization
  • VMware Solution Exchange - The cloud management marketplace on VMware Solution Exchange provides a library of VMware and partner-provided vCO workflows and plug-ins.
  • Generic plug-ins - Automatically create workflows based on SOAP, REST operations and PowerShell scripts.

Powerful Management Features

  • Extend vCO plug-ins - Add your own types in vCO without having to wait for a plug-in update.
  • Dynamic XaaS - Direct integration of new types so that they can be leveraged within vCAC.
  • Manage Inventory - Create Inventory Objects through workflows and define relations within the object hierarcy
  • Simple installation - Install with a production-ready virtual appliance or directly on Windows servers.
  • Centralized access - Keep scripts and process-related primitives in a single location to ensure proper change control across the environment and to avoid releasing scripts without versioning.
  • Export Workflows - Collaborate content across the team by directly exporting workflows to a file system and saving them in a repository.

Open, Flexible Architecture

  • New plug-in sdk - Use the new self-contained sdk that provides Maven-based archetypes and new APIs that are optimized for different integration scenarios.
  • Third-party plug-ins - Automate management and operational tasks across both VMware and third-party applications, such as service desks, change management and IT asset management systems. Access the latest plug-ins built by VMware and our partners on VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.
  • Custom plug-in development - Use the vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In Software Development Kit to create custom plug-ins to third-party management systems.

Extend the capabilities of other VMware products

  • Cloud-ready integration - Automate virtually any task in your cloud thanks to 100 percent coverage of the vSphere® and vCloud® APIs.
  • VCloud Automation Center - Automate the delivery of new IT services or adapt the capabilities of existing VCloud Automation Center infrastructure and application services by invoking VCO workflows and plug-ins.
  • vCenter Operations - Use vCO workflows to automatically resolve operational issues, that vCenter Operations identifies, by using the vCenter Operations remediation workflow package
  • Other VMware solutions - Integrate with other VMware solutions such as vCenter™ Update Manager™, vCenter™ Chargeback Manager™ and vRealize™ Configuration Manager™