The Fastest Way to Get Started with Kubernetes Workloads

Why Choose vSphere with Tanzu for Kubernetes?

Running a developer-ready Kubernetes platform on vSphere enables your staff to get started fast, modernize existing apps without lift and shift and more.

Modernize the 70M+ Workloads Running on vSphere

Use your existing vSphere environment to manage multiple clusters alongside virtual machines through vCenter, delivering Kubernetes clusters at a rapid pace.

What Is vSphere with Tanzu?

vSphere with Tanzu is the new generation of vSphere for containerized applications. This single, streamlined solution bridges the gap between IT operations and developers with a new kind of infrastructure for modern, cloud-native applications both on premises and in public clouds.

Streamline Development

Give developers secure, self-service access to fully compliant and conformant Kubernetes on premises and in public clouds with the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service. 

Accelerated Innovation

Streamline communication between developers and IT with a single infrastructure stack, integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation 4, that is accessible wherever you run vSphere.

Agile Operations

Empower IT administrators with visibility into Kubernetes workloads and clusters and manage policies for an entire group of VMs, containers or both with a unified platform. 

Boost Application Performance and Resiliency

Facilitate easy publishing and support for applications outside of the Kubernetes cluster. Through native integration with the Kubernetes Cluster API, app developers can specify their own load balancers and access policies.

Top Reasons Kubernetes Runs Better On VMware vSphere

Get Started Fast

Set up a developer-ready Kubernetes platform in less than an hour, and because it runs on vSphere, your staff can get to work right away using their existing skill sets.

Get New Apps Into Production Faster

vSphere is a robust and time-tested platform with intrinsic security built in, giving you greater confidence that the underlying infrastructure will meet your rigorous performance, availability and security standards before you throw the switch.

Modernize Existing Apps Without Lift and Shift

You can run containers side by side with your existing VMs. This means you can quickly modernize parts of your existing applications and leave other parts alone. 

Massive Ecosystem Support

The vSphere ecosystem is second to none, providing an exhaustive list of ISVs to choose from as well as deep experience from one of the largest communities in the tech industry.

Eliminate Unnecessary Silos

By running Kubernetes on vSphere, you can reduce capital and operational expense by having a single shared stack of infrastructure operated by an efficient team of vSphere administrators who can serve both needs equally.

Dive Deeper into vSphere with Tanzu

Hands-on Lab

Instantly try vSphere with Tanzu for free. No installation required.

Technical Demo Video

Learn how to manage Kubernetes clusters on demand using the Kubernetes API.

vSphere 7 Datasheet

Dive into the new features and services of vSphere 7, from Kubernetes to vCenter service profiles.


Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about vSphere with Tanzu.

Take the fastest and easiest path to supporting Kubernetes workloads by building on your existing skillsets and experience with vSphere. You can better meet the needs of developers and DevOps teams and collaborate better with them. Invest in your career and improve your influence and relevance.

You will be able to more easily and successfully deliver on business initiatives for app and infrastructure modernization while minimizing cost. Leverage existing investments in people, process, and tools to achieve better ROI outcomes.

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