Receive VMware Horizon Flex 1.12 at no charge


For a limited time, receive a 10 pack of per device licenses for VMware Horizon Flex 1.12 and one (1) year of corresponding Basic Support and Subscription (SnS) at no additional charge, with purchase of eligible VMware products.

VMware Horizon FLEX is a policy-based, containerized desktop solution that allows IT administrators to create, secure, and manage virtual desktops to meet the needs of workers with their own computers, road warriors and Mac users in the enterprise. Because the Horizon FLEX virtual machine is stored locally, corporate applications are accessible to the user even when offline.

Key Capabilities

  • Embrace BYO: Deliver, manage and secure Windows virtual desktops on Macs or PCs from a single solution, keeping personal and corporate information separated.
  • Support Macs without the costs: Open the door to Macs in the enterprise without having to manage the devices.
  • Empower your mobile workforce: Give remote and mobile employees the freedom to work from wherever they need to with a standardized corporate desktop, while keeping control over security.
  • Protect your data: Easily disable virtual desktops remotely in case of theft, termination of employees or lack of compliance with the main server.
  • Work From Anywhere, Even When Disconnected: Get access to a rich desktop experience through our industry leading clients and enable productivity, even when on the road or disconnected from the network.

New with Horizon Flex 1.12 

Greater password control

Password reset is the most ticketed item for any helpdesk. With the new API in FLEX, we can now programmatically alleviate this issue.

Greater configuration flexibility

With security top of mind, FLEX now allows admins to dynamically configure the public ports that are used for remote communication.

Greater Compatibility

With high end PC’s now all containing high resolution screens, FLEX now adapts to these displays and provides a better user experience.

Greater Policy Control

Virtual Machines that are delivered to contractors are tightly controlled for Data Leakage Protection reasons. With FLEX’s latest policy improvement, trusted users can now be given the flexibility to switch and add virtual disks to their desktop.

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