OGS Centralized Contracts

OGS Centralized Contracts

VMware, Inc. | FED ID#: 94-3292913 | NYS Vendor ID#: 1100004398

This contract aims to streamline the procurement of Information Technology needs for Authorized Users of OGS Centralized Contracts. VMware’s contract allows for the procurement of Software, Cloud-based Products and related Implementation services. A competitive Request for Quote (RFQ) process is required for all Authorized User transactions. The Contract sets forth base terms and conditions and permits the Authorized User to customize a RFQ based on the specific need or transaction. The RFQ process requires the Authorized User to solicit the Manufacturer(s) and/or all their Resellers utilizing the RFQ templates provided under the Umbrella contract. If you have questions about how to use this contract, please contact one of the individuals above at VMware or within NY OGS Procurement.

NYS OGS Contract Number: PM67310

The URL will take you to the OGS contract website. There you will find contractual documents, terms and conditions, current price lists, contract pricing, and information of authorized resellers.

Lot 1 Authorized User Attachment

Contract Term: May 27, 2016 – November 29, 2022


Contract Administrator

Account Manager

Sales Billing

Emergency Contact

Contact Name/ Phone Tom Bode
Sr. Contracts Manager
(571) 375-3275
Leo Fernandes
Client Executive
(508) 615-1719
Leo Fernandes
Client Executive
(508) 615-1719
Leo Fernandes
(877) 486-9273
Address VMware, Inc.
12100 Sunset Hills Road
6th Floor
Reston, VA 20190
VMware, Inc.
2 Penn Plaza, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10121
VMware, Inc.
2 Penn Plaza, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10121
Email NYumbrella@vmware.com
lfernandes@vmware.com lfernandes@vmware.com NYumbrella@vmware.com
or lfernandes@vmware.com

Lot Number


1 Software
3 Cloud (Low, Medium, High Risk)
4 Implementation of Products sold under Lots 1 and 3

Please refer to the approved price list for a detailed listing of the VMware products available on the contract.

How to Use this Contract

Authorized Users that wish to use the contract must complete either the Simple Request for Quote template or the Complex Request for Quote template. Please refer to the OGS website for the authorized user templates.

Basic Request For Quote (Attachment 2.1)
Complex Request For Quote (Attachment 2.2)
Basic RFQ Financial Response (Attachment 3.1)
Complex RFQ Financial Response (Attachment 3.2)

List of Authorized Resellers
Please refer to the OGS website for the updated list of VMware Authorized Resellers.

NY Umbrella Contract – VMware Price List
Please refer to the OGS website for the updated VMware Price List.

E-Rate Information
In the Eligible Services List for E-rate Funding Year 2016, the FCC determined that network solutions that virtualize eligible routing, switching, controller, and firewall functionalities are eligible for E-rate support. Based on this determination and the technical functionality of NSX, VMware has concluded that NSX should be 100% eligible for E-rate funding. Final cost allocations can be impacted by applicant-specific factors including where the product is installed, how and by whom it is used, and other E-rate program requirements.

Find out more about VMware products that are eligible for E-Rate

VMware Authorized Resellers for E-RATE: Please visit VMware Contact Information page for contract no. PM67310 here for a current listing of E-RATE participating resellers

New York, Office of General Services – Disclaimer

State Finance Law §162 requires that governmental entities afford first priority to the products/services of Preferred Source suppliers such as Correctional Industries (Corcraft), New York State Preferred Source Program for People who are Blind, and NYS Industries for the Disabled (NYSID), when such products / services meet the form, function and utility of the Authorized User. An Authorized User must determine if a particular commodity or service is approved for a Preferred Source and follow the requirements of State Finance Law §162(3) or (4)(b), respectively, before engaging the Contractor. Some products/services in the resultant Contract(s) may be available from one or more Preferred Sources.

Contractor will be required to prominently display the following language on all pricelists:
Authorized Users Note: Some products/services in this Contract may be available from one or more Preferred Sources. Authorized Users are reminded to comply with the statutory requirements under §162 of the State Finance Law and the guidelines issued by the State Procurement Council to afford first priority to products/services available from Preferred Sources which meet your form, function and utility.

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