Achieve Zero Trust Security with Micro-Segmentation

Go beyond visibility to achieve real security outcomes. Get the only micro-segmentation solution that goes beyond L4 controls to complete stateful L7 controls and advanced threat protection. Deploy network segments easily, enable application isolation, and get to granular micro-segmentation with a single solution that provides consistent policy across virtualized, containerized, and bare metal workloads spanning private and public cloud environments.

Prevent Lateral Movement with Granular Segmentation

Secure critical workloads and environments with granular micro-segmentation protection, stateful Layer 7 controls, and dramatically simplified management.

Four Barriers to Achieving Zero Trust Segmentation

Overcome the common challenges in implementing micro-segmentation by stepping up to a purpose-built internal firewall that's intrinsic to your infrastructure.

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Four Reasons to Choose VMware for Network and Micro-segmentation 

Automate Policy Discovery

Accelerate policy generation with automated application discovery, recommendations for groups and segmentation rules, and intuitive workflows for iterative planning — all driven by the unique visibility NSX has into network traffic and workload context.

Extend Beyond L4 Controls to Stateful L7 Security

Go beyond basic Layer 4 port blocking policies to a complete stack of stateful Layer 7 firewall controls. Then add NSX Distributed IDS/IPS, an advanced threat detection engine purpose-build to detect lateral threat movements across multi-cloud environments.

Simplify with Automated Policy Management

Enable security to move at the speed of development with an API driven, object-based policy model that ensures new workloads automatically, inherits relevant security policies, and automates policy mobility with workloads.

Get Better Protection with an Agentless Architecture

Benefit from the enhanced security and control isolation of an agentless architecture, immune to malware that can subvert host agents. Eliminate agent fatigue and operational overhead with security built-in to the hypervisor and simply turned on.

Spotlight on Network Micro-Segmentation 

Interfaith Medical Enhances Data and Application Security

Interfaith Medical Center Protects Critical Patient Data

Interfaith Medical Center bolsters application and network security to better safeguard patient data.

Four Barriers to Achieving Zero Trust Segmentation

Overcome the common challenges in implementing micro-segmentation by stepping up to a purpose-built internal firewall that's intrinsic to your infrastructure.

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Hutto Independent School District Embraces Next-Gen Security

Hutto ISD solved its scalability and security challenges by combining vSphere and NSX.

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Secure Virtual Desktops for your Remote Employees

Easily enforce security with a single firewall policy for your virtual desktop environments. 

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Security and Compliance for Midsize Enterprises

Leverage a single platform for network virtualization and micro-segmentation.

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What Are the Key Use Cases for Micro-Segmentation? 

Rapidly Deploy Network Segments

Quickly create and reconfigure network segments, virtual security zones, and partner domains by defining them entirely in software. Avoid the need to re-architect your network or deploy discrete appliances.

Enable Application Isolation

Secure your critical applications and shared services from compromises by auto-discovering application boundaries and applying application-level segmentation policies. Ensure policies stay up-to-date automatically as applications evolve or move.

Achieve Zero Trust with Micro-segmentation

Easily create, enforce, and automatically manage granular micro-segmentation policies between applications, services, and workloads across multi-cloud environments spanning VMs, containers, and bare metal infrastructures.

Secure Virtual Desktop Environments

Block lateral movement between virtual desktops by enforcing security policies down to the RDSH session level based on user identity and context. Easily enforce desktop isolation with a single firewall policy for your entire VDI environment.

Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

Upgrade to Scale-out Internal Firewall

Secure east-west traffic with a purpose-built Internal firewall, built-in to the hypervisor and distributed to every host.

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Build on a Foundation of NSX

Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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Get Recommended Security Policies

Simplify operationalizing micro-segmentation with rich application topology visualization and automated policy recommendations.

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Leverage Multi-Cloud Visibility & Analytics

Get network visibility and analytics to build an optimized, highly available and secure network infrastructure across multi-cloud environments.

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