Joan Stone
Global PR and Newsroom

Alex Goldsmith
Product and Technology PR
Tel: 1-650-427-2439

Michael Thacker
Corporate PR
Tel: 1-650-427-4454

Asia Pacific
Emilio Robles
Tel: +61 2 9293 5558

Greater China
Patty Zhang
Tel: +86 10 5984 6634

Latin America
Ivis Cruz
Tel: 1-305-335-5883

Allison Dewhirst
Tel: 1-416-413-4751

Rashmi Adukoorie
Tel: +91 80 66986507

General Media Inquiries

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Mathias Raeck
Tel: +49 89 3706 17322

Yukiko Takeda
Tel: + 81 3 4334 5672

Industry Analyst Contacts

Shirley Schroedl

Corporate Industry Analyst Relations, IoT, Edge, Blockchain

Karen Cohen

Cloud Management, Cloud Management Services

Carole Gibbins

VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud Provider Partner Program

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Adil Jaouhari

Vivaan Gideon

End-User Computing

Pooja Bhatt

Networking & Security, SD-WAN

Kathryn Hall

Market Intelligence

Frank Sessions

vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation

Julie Hopkins

Cloud Native Applications, Containers, vSphere

Rosanne Walker

End-User Computing

General AR Inquiries