vCloud Suite Platinum Upgrade Promotion - 50% off vSphere Platinum Upgrade


Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to save 50% off the upgrade to vSphere Platinum for vCloud Suite Platinum. Promotion is available Worldwide. If you are preparing to jump start your cloud journey and build, deploy, and manage secure applications across private, hybrid, and public clouds, then there's no better time than now to adopt VMware vCloud Suite Platinum.

This promotion is available from January 10, 2019 – October 30, 2019. The promotion expires at 11:59PM Pacific Time (PT).

VMware has introduced the new VMware vCloud Suite 2018 Platinum.

vCloud Suite Platinum brings together VMware vSphere Platinum, the world’s leading compute virtualization platform and the industry-leading VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform. By bringing together advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the world’s most comprehensive cloud management platform, enterprises have an easy way to on-board to cloud with enhanced security and consistent operations across clouds, supporting secure application innovation.


For a limited time upgrade from vSphere Enterprise Plus to vCloud Suite Platinum and save 50% off upgrade to vSphere Platinum for vCloud Suite Platinum.


On-board to cloud with enhanced security with the most secure hypervisor and industry-leading cloud management platform.

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