Healthcare Cybersecurity Trailblazers Make Security Intrinsic to Their Business

Healthcare organizations see more security incidents and attacks than any other industry. How is your security approach ensuring patient health information is secure? Get the latest cybersecurity insights and trends in VMware’s 2019 State of Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategy Survey, conducted in partnership with Forbes.


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Protect Healthcare Brand and Secure Data 

Create a Zero-Trust Environment

Choose intrinsic security and strengthen data centers, care systems, and endpoint protection against threats, ransomware, malware, phishing, and other breaches.

Improve User Compliance with Hands-On Training

Streamline compliance. Provide users with a consistent and standardized learning platform to meet clinical training regulations.

Securely Deliver PHI to Clinics & Affiliates

Quickly deliver secure access to patient information across clinics and affiliates while improving connectivity by using low-cost, low-maintenance devices with two-factor authentication and desktop micro-segmentation.

Securely Simulate Threats to Improve Security Postures

Isolate enterprise production networks while simulating real-world threats such as malicious code. Recognize, analyze, and be able to proactively respond to security threats and compromising attacks.

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Interfaith Medical Center Protects Against Cybersecurity Threats 


Interfaith Medical Center saves USD $2.03 Million by achieving nearly 100% virtualization while qualifying for Meaningful Use and compliance with NIST.


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Empower Clinicians and Engage Patients

Improve clinician productivity  and take care of your patients everywhere.

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Accelerate Innovation and Modernize Healthcare IT

Accelerate innovation in your organization and across your affiliates.

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