Drive Retail Innovation and Efficiencies


Provide a consistent, connected retail experience for personalized, secure, and on-demand experiences. Enable faster checkouts, simpler operations, and systems that always work to ensure you can quickly deliver new products and services across all channels while gaining greater visibility and always up-to-date information.


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Ensure You Can Quickly Deliver New Products and Services Across All Channels 

Create a Cloud-Ready Data Center While Reducing Cost and Complexity

Lower costs and complexity by consolidating and virtualizing data centers. Adopt a software-defined data center model to easily extend or burst to the clouds of your choice. Streamline performance and compliance. Leverage a cloud-ready platform to accelerate the delivery of new, innovative offerings.

Reliably and Securely Connect Corporate and Franchise Stores

Deliver exceptional experiences across channels and gain higher levels of availability, security, and visibility into overall operations with centrally managed services. Optimize application performance and safeguard customer and store information. Adopt a proven digital foundation to become a more agile retailer.

Brooks Brothers Becomes the Store of the Future 

To remain competitive and maintain its stellar reputation, Brooks Brothers digitally transformed its business with VMware, allowing the retailer’s operations to become dynamic, responsive, efficient, and simpler.


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Empower the Workforce and Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

Delight your customers and satisfy your employees everywhere.

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Protect Retail Brand

Ensure you can protect your brand and customer data.

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