What is a Virtual Cloud Network?

The network of the future is software-defined. A Virtual Cloud Network, built on VMware NSX technology, is a ubiquitous software layer from data center to cloud to edge infrastructure. It provides a secure, consistent foundation that drives your business forward.

What is a Virtual Cloud Network?

Why Virtual Cloud Networking?


With a Virtual Cloud Network, VMware provides pervasive, end-to-end connectivity for apps and data, wherever they are — data center, cloud and the edge — without data silos.


VMware embeds security into the infrastructure, compartmentalizing the network through micro-segmentation, encrypting in-flight data, and automatically detecting and responding to security threats.


Apps have traditionally been held hostage by infrastructure. VMware moves the intelligence that traditionally resided in hardware into software — so you can secure, automate, and draw insights from apps and data.


SD-WAN by VeloCloud Leading the Industry

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It's Time to Liberate the Network

Data will never flow freely when apps are bound by physical limitations.

Total Economic Impact of a Virtual Cloud Network

Total Economic Impact of a Virtual Cloud Network

Virtual Cloud Network Online Event 

Virtual Cloud Network Online Event

Products for Your Virtual Cloud Network

NSX Data Center 

VMware NSX Data Center is the network virtualization and security platform that enables a software-defined approach to networking.

SD-WAN by VeloCloud 

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud assures enterprise and cloud application performance over Internet and hybrid WAN while simplifying deployments and reducing costs.

NSX Cloud 

VMware NSX Cloud delivers consistent and operationally scalable micro-segmentation security for applications running natively in public clouds.

vRealize Network Insight 

VMware vRealize Network Insight provides visibility across virtual and physical networks. It helps with micro-segmentation planning and operations management for NSX Data Center and Cloud.


VMware AppDefense is a data center endpoint security solution that embeds threat detection and response into the virtualization layer.

NSX Hybrid Connect 

VMware NSX Hybrid Connect enables app mobility and infrastructure hybridity across any vSphere environment.

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Leading the Industry

VMware is named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant on WAN Edge Infrastructure.

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Customers Are Saying 

"Our migration to SD-WAN has made life much easier to the IT staff, allowing us to implement best practices across all retail sites and reducing network error."

-- Manny Stergakis, Technical Architect, Brooks Brothers

“VMware NSX is a breath of fresh air. [Our students] are very appreciative of the frictionless IT and free environment it’s helped us create.”

-- Frank Wadmore, IT Networks and Security Manager, UCLAN