Technology as a Powerful Force for Good: Nestor Rodriguez, IT & Change Director, Provident México

When people are in need, technology can be used as a powerful force for good. Néstor Rodríguez, IT & Change Director, Provident México, explains how he has been able to help people in his community by dramatically accelerating the speed with which microloans are dispersed to those in immediate need. All enabled by a modernized application effort. Watch the Video (2:25)


Modernizing Your Applications Now – Guest: Bruce Davie, VMware CTO APJ and Roman Tarnavski, Principal Architect

Because digital is now the only experience customers can have with many businesses, application modernization is more important than ever. As restrictions redefine commerce in our economy, how can technology leaders quickly evolve application portfolios now to create more valuable customer and employee experiences that resonate in the future? Listen to this hallway-style conversation between APJ CTO Bruce Davie and Principal Architect Roman Tarnavski of VMware, about the complexities of modernizing apps at scale—from how to communicate business value and attract developer talent to choosing open-source software and setting metrics.

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