Digital Banking Reinvented

ANZ Bank is using mobility and digital workspaces to rethink the banking experience. ANZ’s bankers meet customers wherever they are – on the Internet, on their smartphones, at their homes and businesses or at digital-enabled spaces within a bank building. VMware® solutions help ANZ fulfill their goal to embrace the consumerization of IT and deliver excellent support to their customers.

ANZ Bank Takes Mobile Banking to New Levels with VMware AirWatch

Truly Mobile Banking 

Customer Satisfaction

People want their interactions with banks to be as simple as the daily “mobile moments” when digital devices enable instant shopping, app downloads and more. In ANZ “digital branches” and in the community,  customers and bankers use iPads together to visualize and customize financial solutions. Customers can even apply a secure signature on the iPad to seal the deal. VMware helps ANZ Bank manage more than 18,000  devices across 34 countries using VMware digital workspace solutions.  

ANZ Bank

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Banking Strategic
Products: VMware AirWatch, AirWatch SDK


Creating Apps

ANZ Bank makes consumer-simple, enterprise-secure tools and apps available on mobile devices for its customers and employees. These include tools for financial products such as mortgages, wealth management and insurance, and a custom HR tool for employees. The bank used a VMware software development kit to build more than 20 mobile apps.

What ANZ Bank has to say about us

“Without the previous barriers of a desk or even a pane of glass, we can deliver more personalized services alongside our customers and show them we understand their needs. It’s a much more engaging experience foreveryone.”

Steve Odgers, Head of Distribution Transformation, ANZ Bank  


“We're in the business of delivering great customer experience. There's two ways to do that. One through our people and the other through technology — but the intersection of those two is really where the gold is. That's where the transformation is happening, and we're seeing enormous benefits.”

Claire Rogers, Head of Digital Banking, ANZ Bank  

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