Fujitsu Solutions


The Fujitsu and VMware partnership brings you bundled solutions for servers, storage and networks, enabling speedy implementation of proven, easy-to-use systems with fast return on investment.



  • Reference Architecture for on-premise Private Cloud implementation available with either Fujitsu or NetApp Storage
  • Depending on customer requirements this solution includes VMware vSphere to Cloud Suite products


  • Preconfigured Ready-to-Go solution categorized into low, medium and high profiles for Server workloads, and Full Clone and Linked Clone profiles for VDI workloads
  • Includes VMware vSphere and vSAN and Horizon products (for VDI)

Flexframe for SAP

  • Reference Architecture for rapid and simplified SAP implementation utilizing VMware virtualization for flexible adoption
  • Includes VMware vSphere and vRealize


  • Fujitsu SAP HANA Appliance delivers a pre-defined architecture that simplifies installation and operation of SAP HANA in test / dev and production environments
  • Includes VMware vSphere and vRealize


  • Workplace services offering for pay-per-use client management
  • Includes VMware VSPP Cloud stack

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vCloud

  • End-to-end solution design – Servers, network, storage and management software to implement a VMware vCloud managed environment

Fujitsu Support Services for VMware


In close coordination with VMware, Fujitsu offers trusted support services, including the VMware software and licensed certified operating systems that are run within virtual machines and covered by respective service contracts.

Fujitsu Hosting Service for SAP

Fujitsu TDS GmbH provides a market advantage through virtualization running on VMware vSphere.

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Certified Fujitsu Products

VMware certifies Fujitsu products and offers guides showing compatibility.

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