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While the spending on public cloud services in Thailand is set to jump by 25% to $760 million this year due to more organizations moving to remote working amid the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for cloud services in the country has been growing for years.

To many businesses, the elastic pay-as-you-go consumption model of cloud services is a lot more attractive than forking out upfront investment for on-premise data center capacity or acquiring traditional licensed software.

In the five years that VMware and AIS Business have been working together, AIS Enterprise Cloud has expanded every year. In fact, it grew by 10 times in the last three years.

“Partnership is key and there’s a high level of trust between the two companies so we can synergize together,” said Tanapong Ittisakulchai, chief enterprise business officer, Advanced Info Services. “We only work with VMware for our local cloud because it is the industry leader especially in mission-critical solutions for enterprise companies.”

Staying ahead

As competition heats up and cloud services run the risk of getting commoditized, the two industry leaders have put together a strategy to differentiate AIS Enterprise Cloud.

They are working with vertical solution partners to offer anything as a service (XaaS) on the cloud, so as to create an ecosystem that would be a one-stop shop for customers in Thailand. Three solution partners have joined the ecosystem so far, and are offering varied services ranging from real-time 3D graphics to no-code data analytics or integration of security.


For the partners, the collaboration with VMware and AIS Business means they are now able to offer their customers a cloud solution that drastically cuts time to implementation from months to weeks, if not days.

As a result, they can cater to evolving customer need, expand into new customer segments or even grow their business without putting in additional resources.


Flexibility for customers

From real-time 3D graphics to visualized sports analysis, Vizrt has been providing broadcasters with visual storytelling tools to tell more, and better, stories.

As these customers evolve their business and shift to the cloud, Vizrt worked with AIS Business to develop a platform on the AIS Enterprise Cloud, which would enable them to start with an on-premise system and move those services to the cloud if and when they are ready.


As Vizrt has been running its software on the VMware platform for many years, it was quite straightforward for the company to shift to the AIS Enterprise Cloud, which supports VMware solutions natively.

"When you’re developing new solutions, it’s important to have a trusted partner to work with,” said Straker Coniglio, president, Vizrt APAC. “VMware and AIS are obvious partners for us because they’re leaders in their industries. As the leader in our industry, we want to work with fellow leaders to provide that high level of support and trust to customers.”


Expanding to new segments

Blendata started with the idea that making sense of big data should not be difficult. Its no-code, all-in-one data analytics platform is being used on premise by big corporations in the telecommunications and banking industry.

Stay tuned for more spotlights from the VMware Partner of the Year awards just like this one.


The startup wanted to convert its technology into a software-as-a-service cloud solution, so that it is more accessible to medium and large enterprises. AIS Business not only provided a competitive offering but it was also a trusted brand name that could open doors to the segments Blendata wanted to expand to.


On the technical side, it also needed an infrastructure that has good performance in compute and storage.


“Our solution deals with mission-critical big data, so the backend has to be robust or it’ll impact our brand,” said Natnapat Rachataviwat, co-CEO, Blendata. “With our solution on AIS Enterprise Cloud, backed by VMware, we can have peace of mind when supporting our customers, and I won’t lose sleep at night.”


Extended team helps drive sales

To help organizations reduce their time to market, Opsta offers an automation platform that transforms their developer, security and operations teams, or DevSecOps.


While big corporations have been using the platform to minimize bottlenecks, the startup wanted to expand its developer solution to mass customers by utilizing the cloud.


Opsta worked together with AIS Business to build the first developer cloud-ready solution, which will enable the startup to scale quickly to service mass customers.


“On our own, we could handle 100 customers. With AIS Business, we could service 10,000,” said Jirayut Nimsaeng, founder and CEO, Opsta. “We've always wanted to build a DevSecOps cloud solution for customers in Thailand and this partnership with AIS Business and VMware has made our dream come true.”


Growing together

Unlike some cloud providers that only provide the infrastructure and technical know-how, AIS Business goes the extra mile to support the partners, from setting up go-to-market teams to launch a new cloud solution to making available backend office functions to the partners.


“Building this cloud ecosystem is truly a joint effort between VMware, AIS Business and the partners,” said Ekpawin Sukanan, country manager, Thailand, VMware. “As the saying goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’”

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