Simplify Deployment and Management of SAP Landscapes on SDDC

VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management, part of the VMware private cloud solution for SAP*, is a virtual appliance that integrates SAP Landscape Management with VMware management software (VMware vCenter Server and VMware Aria Automation), delivering unique automation capabilities that radically simplifies provisioning and management of SAP Landscapes.

*VMware private cloud solution for SAP defines the software stack to virtualize, secure and automate SAP environments leveraging VMware’s software-defined architecture. At its core, it includes VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, VMware Aria Automation and the VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management.

What VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management Delivers

Radically Simple Deployment and Operations

Automate manual steps of deploying and operating SAP landscapes on VMware infrastructure.

Enterprise Class Capability on SDDC

Integrates SAP landscapes with VMware’s market leading SDDC solutions to deliver high scalability, improved performance and advanced storage and network management.


Start and Stop SAP System

Automate mass start and stop of SAP systems on VMware virtual infrastructure.

Migrate SAP Hosts, Storage and Network

Migrate VM, switch its datastore and network to stand up SAP hosts, move environments, and deploy disaster recovery solutions – all through the SAP Landscape Management interface.

Build Self-Service Capability Through VMware Aria Automation

Leverage SA-API to build templates that enable SAP end users to directly provision SAP systems in VMware Aria Automation.

Copy, Clone, and Refresh a VMware-Based Virtual SAP System

Create a system copy/clone of a virtual SAP system and perform QA refresh of production system while the system is live and online. The system copy/clone can be a linked or full copy/clone.


Boost Productivity

Increase SAP basis and IT admin productivity by automating manual operational tasks and enabling self-service capability.

Lower TCO

Reduce OpEx for increased cost savings.

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