What’s New: VMware Blockchain is Bringing Ethereum to the Enterprise

The Ethereum technology stack — from EVM, Solidity smart contracts, APIs, developer tools, and its overall ecosystem — is the broadest and most mature stack to build blockchain networks. Yet, there are several critical gaps Ethereum platforms have that make them difficult to use for enterprise use cases, like lack of privacy, scalability, governance mechanisms, and enterprise-class operational support. To address these gaps, VMware is launching VMware Blockchain for Ethereum, available now in beta.

New Report: VMware Blockchain for Ethereum Gains Traction

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Ethereum in the Enterprise: The Next Chapter for VMware Blockchain

Learn how we’re enhancing our enterprise-grade VMware Blockchain to support the Ethereum/EVM ecosystem.


Decentralized Trust & Privacy

Establish trust while maintaining privacy in multi-party transactions. Achieve with fast byzantine fault tolerant consensus, state machine replication, distributed ledger technology that is designed for enterprise multi-party apps.


Meet requirements of mission critical multi-party applications by providing ease of deployment, monitoring, recoverability, upgrades, governance controls and 24x7 global production support.

Performance at Scale

Drives high throughput of complex transactions to support business-critical workflows at scale without sacrificing trust or privacy.

Freedom of Choice

Supports Daml and Ethereum (Beta) smart contract development and execution. Launch private or permissioned blockchain networks in the cloud and on-premises using the same platform.


Extensible Architecture

  • Support dApps written in a range of smart contract languages, including Daml and Ethereum Solidity (Beta)
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-premises
  • Create private or permissioned networks

Multi-Party Access with Privacy

  • Client data filtering ensures that parties have access only to data that is relevant to them in multi-party transactions
  • Sub-transaction privacy ensures that parties only have visibility into parts of the transactions to which they are privy

Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • Consistent, cryptographically verifiable source of truth
  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant state machine replication implementation

Ongoing Operations & Support

  • Enterprise deploy, manage and monitor capabilities
  • Fault tolerant and highly available
  • Reconfigurable and upgradeable with governance
  • 24x7 production support

High Performance and Scale

  • Solve the problems of scale and performance in blockchain solutions while preserving liveness and safety
  • Scalable BFT achieves low latency through linear communication for the consensus phase


  • Best-in-class partner technology providers specializing in wallets, developer tools, and oracles
  • Capabilities with Web3 applications, NFTs, and digital assets
  • Simplify development and operation lifecycles

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