Centralized Logging for Data-at-Scale

What’s New With vRealize Log Insight?

Read about the latest features for vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

Actionable Insights from Your Log Data

The scale and volume of machine-generated data is increasing exponentially and making sense of it is an overwhelming task. Get intuitive visualization and intelligent querying into your VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud, and multi-clouds that provides actionable solutions when issues are detected with faster root cause analysis. vRealize Log Insight is available on premises or as a service for flexible consumption and visibility across public clouds.

Rapid Troubleshooting & Analysis

Deliver innovative indexing and machine learning-based intelligent grouping to enable high performance searching and quickly identify anomalies across infrastructure and apps.

Accelerate Time to Resolution

See how vRealize Log Insight Cloud helps you turn log data into actionable insights with enhanced multi-cloud support and operational efficiency.

Scalable Analytics

Collect and automatically identify structure in machine-generated, unstructured log data (including application logs, network traces, configuration files, etc.) to build a high-performance index for scalable analytics.

Accelerated Innovation

Deploy vRealize Log Insight as a service to unlock faster updates and new features, accelerating innovation. Plus, it includes integration with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Key Features of vRealize Log Insight

Universal Log Collection & Analytics

Connect to everything in your IT environment—operating systems, applications, storage, firewalls, network devices—for enterprise-wide visibility.

Integration with vRealize Operations

Extend operational visibility and proactive management capabilities across infrastructure and applications by integrating with vRealize Operations.

Built-in VMware Cloud Knowledge

Enable centralized analysis of your entire IT environment with built-in support for VMware Cloud technologies.

Intuitive GUI & Easy Deployment

Easily run simple interactive searches as well as deep analytical queries for quick insights that provide immediate value and improved IT efficiency.

Enterprise Scale

In recent internal testing, Log Insight was three times faster than the leading solution in query tests across 1 billion log messages.

Flexible Consumption

Choose on-premises licensing or SaaS. Consume standalone, as part of vRealize Suite, or as a subscription through vRealize Cloud Universal.

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Compare Editions

vRealize Log Insight for NSX

Included free with NSX; limited to vSphere and NSX log data.


  • vSphere and NSX 
  • Audit logs

vRealize Log Insight

Consume on premises with unlimited data.


  • vSphere and NSX
  • Other VMware services 
  • 3rd party technologies

vRealize Log Insight Cloud

Consume as a service with flexible pricing.


  • vSphere and NSX
  • Other VMware services
  • 3rd party technologies
  • VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Log retention – 30 days
  • Native log archiving support

vRealize Log Insight Cloud for VMware Cloud on AWS

Included with VMware Cloud on AWS with option to upgrade to full features.


  • vSphere and NSX
  • VMware Cloud on AWS audit log content packs
  • VMware Cloud on AWS NSX-T firewall logs, VMware Cloud Services Platform (CSP) Audit logs, VMware on-prem product logs, Non-VMware logs (public cloud, apps, containers)
  • Log retention – 7 days
  • 1/GB per day


*Other VMware services include Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Horizon View, vCloud Director, VMware Identity Manager, VMware SRM, vRealize Automation, vRealize Network Insight, vRealize Operations, vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, vSphere, vSAN, etc.

*3rd party technologies include 50+ sources across Apache, Arista, Cisco, Dell EMC, ExtraHop, F5, Hitachi, HPE, Huawei, Juniper, Lenovo, Linux, Microsoft, MongoDB, NetApp, OpenStack Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, Pivotal, Puppet, Veeam, and many more.


Per Operating System

Per Processor with
Unlimited VMs


Pay per operating system instance (OSI), defined as any server (virtual or physical) with an IP address that generates logs, with unlimited log data per OSI

For pricing details, contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or email us.

Use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.


Pay per CPU, with one flat fee for all log data sources from a single CPU, regardless of hypervisor or number of guest Oss

For pricing details, contact a vRealize sales expert at (877) 524-2555 or email us.

Use the Partner Locator to find a reseller near you.

Software as a Service


1-Year Commitment

3-Year Commitment






*Log retention (queryable retention) in platform lasts 30 days. Log Archival is additional $.22/mo per GB.

*On-Demand based on hourly consumption, with no minimum fee and additional discounts available for 1-year to 3-year commitments paid in full upfront.

*vRealize Log Insight may also be purchased bundled in vCloud Suite or vRealize Suite as portable licensing units. This gives you the flexibility to manage workloads across on-premise vSphere and supported public clouds, with no license switching or conversion required.

Frequently Asked Questions

vRealize Log lnsight is a log analysis tool that delivers heterogeneous and highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics and broad third-party extensibility, providing deep operational visibility and faster troubleshooting.

Installation differs depending on whether you are using on-premises or SaaS. 

vRealize Log Insight (on-premises) is delivered as a virtual appliance that you deploy in your vSphere environment. 

For vRealize Log Insight Cloud (SaaS), you install a Cloud Proxy and configure connections for receiving data.

Key capabilities of vRealize Log Insight include:

  • Integration with vRealize Operations for end-to-end operations management 
  • Built-in knowledge of vSphere and other VMware products
  • Collection and analysis all types of machine-generated log data
  • Automated alerts to pinpoint and track issues

See more key capabilities in the datasheet.

vRealize Log Insight offers lower operating expenses and higher operational efficiency. Additionally, you can maximize ROI by using it with vRealize Operations, bringing together best-of-breed tools for comprehensive operations management.

Use cases for vRealize Log Insight include: 

  • Real-time log management
  • Faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Custom queries and dashboards

vRealize Log Insight is available both on premises and as a service. In both cases it can be purchased standalone or bundled in various VMware suites. There are four licensing models: per OSI, per CPU, SaaS, or portable licensing units. For more details, see Pricing.

Today, vRealize Log Insight Cloud supports AWS and vSphere-based on-premises private clouds.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud is available worldwide.

vRealize Log Insight is consumed on premises, while vRealize Log Insight Cloud is offered as a service (SaaS). Both provide insights and root cause analysis across your private clouds. Log Insight Cloud additionally provides unified visibility across public clouds.

vRealize Log Insight provides unified visibility across IT environments through robust log aggregation, analytics, and faster root cause determination. It adds structure to unstructured log data and delivers faster troubleshooting across VMware environments. For more information, see the datasheet.

When consumed on-premises, vRealize Log Insight is distributed as a virtual appliance in OVA file format. For requirements, see the product documentation.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud is accessed using a web browser. We recommend using the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best experience with Log Insight Cloud.

Logs are collected and processed from VMware environments in real-time.

Ready to Get Started?

Manage data, gain operational visibility and rapidly troubleshoot with vRealize Log Insight.