Protect Your Distributed Data Center with a Purpose-Built Internal Firewall

Rely on a distributed, stateful Layer 7 internal firewall, built on NSX, to secure data center traffic across virtual, physical, containerized, and cloud workloads. Gain superior protection against lateral movement of malware with advanced threat prevention that includes IDS/IPS, network sandbox, and network detection and response. VMware’s unique, intrinsic approach to security simplifies deployments and streamlines firewalling of every workload — at a fraction of the cost.

Introduction to NSX Service-defined Firewall

The easiest way to eliminate blind spots.

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Distributed Internal Firewall for Dummies

Read the Internal Firewalls for Dummies eBook to understand why protecting network traffic within the data center is a unique challenge – and how firewalls have evolved to protect them.

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Benefits of Service-defined Firewall 

Mitigate Security Risk

Gain superior ability to prevent lateral movement of malware inside the data center with a stateful Layer 7 firewall built into your infrastructure. Operating from a unique position within the hypervisor, NSX Service-defined Firewall enjoys unmatched visibility into the network and unrivaled workload context to provide better threat protection while remaining isolated from the attack surface.

Ensure Compliance

Eliminate the visibility and security blind-spots that result from misaligned controls across disparate solutions, and the selective traffic inspection that comes with appliance-based architectures. Demonstrate compliance by easily creating virtual security zones and complete Layer 7 security coverage for your sensitive applications and data.

Accelerate Security Operations

Enable security to move at the speed of development to provide a true public cloud experience on-premises, decoupled from physical infrastructure constraints. Deliver “security as code” with an API driven, object-based policy model which ensures new workloads automatically inherit relevant security policies and automates policy mobility with workloads.

Simplify Security Architecture

Replace multiple application-based solutions with L2-L7 virtual controls built into the NSX platform, thus reducing CapEx by up to 75%. Radically simplify network deployment and operations by eliminating the need for changes to the physical network, complex traffic hair-pinning architectures, or agent management overhead.

How is VMware Internal Firewall Different?

Distributed architecture

Distributed architecture

Elastic throughput

Elastic throughput

Built-in security

Built-in security

Superior workload context

Superior workload context

What Are the Key Use Cases for the NSX Service-defined Firewall? 

Rapidly Deploy Network Segments

Quickly create and reconfigure network segments, virtual security zones, and partner domains by defining them entirely in software. Avoid the need to re-architect your network or deploy discrete appliances.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

Address regulatory requirements (such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.) for compliance zones by inspecting all east-west traffic for threats with a fully distributed IDS/IPS delivered in software.

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Prevent Lateral Movement of Attacks

Leverage multiple advanced threat prevention techniques to detect intrusion attempts and malicious behavior from known and unknown malware, and block threats from moving laterally across your network.

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Achieve Zero Trust with Micro-segmentation

Easily create, enforce, and automatically manage granular micro-segmentation policies between applications, services, and workloads across multi-cloud environments spanning VMs, containers, and bare metal infrastructure.

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Spotlight on Internal Firewall 

Secure East-West Traffic for the Modern Data Center

See why traditional firewall architectures are failing to protect east-west network traffic — and how internal firewalls can solve the problem.


Re-Think Your Firewall Strategy to Achieve Zero Trust Security

Security professionals are realizing that an over-reliance on traditional firewalls is creating sub-optimal trade-offs between security coverage and operational simplicity.

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Knock, Knock: Is this Security Thing Working?

SANS discusses challenges with today’s data center security and the need for an intrinsic approach. 

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Protecting Physical Workloads with the Service-defined Firewall

Secure zone boundaries and physical workloads with NSX gateway firewalling and bare metal agents with unified management.

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Powering Customer Success with the NSX Service-defined Firewall

Securely Drive Productivity and Flexibility

Securely Drive Productivity and Flexibility

Preferred Mutual maximizes remote employee and IT staff productivity while ensuring the security of company data with NSX, Workspace One, and Horizon.

Provide a Reliable Learning Platform

Provide a Reliable Learning Platform

Region 11 supports students and teachers with a more secure, integrated, and reliable technology platform via VMware solutions that include NSX and Horizon.

Meet Government Security Regulations

Meet Government Security Regulations

Cenitex delivers the rock-solid security that governments require with a fully-integrated range of VMware solutions across data centers and digital workspaces.

Elevate and Consolidate Security

Elevate and Consolidate Security

USSFCU went from planning to deployment in just weeks, replacing multiple legacy security tools with NSX for networking and micro-segmentation as part of their zero trust initiative.

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Rely on Advanced Threat Analysis

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Build on a Foundation of NSX

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Get Advanced Threat Detection with IDS/IPS

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Deliver Intrinsic Security

Leverage your infrastructure to provide deep visibility and security for your network and workloads across data center, cloud, WAN, and endpoints.

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