Protect Against Current, Future and Unknown Attacks.

Organizations are Choosing VMware Carbon Black over Crowdstrike

Businesses today require strong prevention that stops breaches before they happen, deeper threat hunting, complete visibility and real-time operational security. The choice is clear for many organizations: Choose VMware Carbon Black.


VMware Aria Automation Config

Organizations Rely on VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Protect against current, future and unknown attacks. We help organizations prevent attacks, identify threats in progress, and remediate gaps and issues from a single console.

VMware Carbon Black vs. Crowdstrike


Relies on Post-Breach Services

CrowdStrike misses many advanced attacks, forcing customers to rely on post-breach services that cost money, increase risk, and ultimately create more work for responders.


Room to Hide

CrowdStrike’s filtered data collection gives attackers plenty of opportunities to hide in limited data sets and short data retention times, perpetuating the breach.


Lacks Precision and Scalability

With only a handful of hygiene reports, CrowdStrike doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of precision and scalability that IT and security teams need to solve complex problems together.

VMware Carbon Black

Prevents Breaches Before They Happen

Our robust prevention engine is designed to stop the most advanced attacks, quickly adapt to new threats, and keep false positives low.


Deeper Threat Hunting Visibility

Our threat hunters find even the most sophisticated attacks, gain a conclusive understanding of what happened, and prevent the attack from spreading.


Easier IT Hygiene

Obtain environment-wide access to query the current endpoint state, get answers and take action in real time to remediate problems and bring endpoints into compliance.


Compare VMware Carbon Black and Crowdstrike

Organizations choose VMware Carbon Black over Crowdstrike. When compared side-by-side, it’s clear why.



VMware Carbon Black

Cloud-based endpoint protection platform
Single agent for prevention, detection and response
Managed threat hunting service
Rigorous independent prevention testing (NSS Labs)
Streaming prevention for fileless and unknown threats
Tuning to adapt prevention for new threats and false positives
Advanced threat hunting with unfiltered data
Customizable threat intel, threat feeds watchlists
Live endpoint query and reporting
Threat intel and malware analysis included by default
Powerful, open API and out-of-the-box integrations
Online community of security professionals

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