Transform to a Digital Campus to Improve Learning and Research

Increase agility and become a digital campus with VMware software-defined data center and integrated public cloud technologies. Drive innovation and growth; embrace new teaching and learning models; deliver personalized student, faculty, and staff experiences; and improve efficiency while meeting increasingly complex security threats head-on.

Transform to a Digital Campus and Modernize IT 

Modernize Higher Education IT Service Delivery

Reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise IT architecture

Scale Out to Public Cloud

Enhance the contribution of campus IT to operational excellence while lowering TCO and using capacity on demand to meet changing business demands.

Oxford University Transforms to a Digital Campus 


Oxford shifts to offering some services in a hybrid-cloud model, allowing them to expand and use the capacity of other clouds to modernize the entire campus.

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Improve Learning and Student Success

Empower the Digital Workspace for Higher Education

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Defend Against Higher Education Cybersecurity Threats

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