Modernizing the Data Center

Education IT decision-makers have faced a sea change with the shift toward cloud computing and the pressures to move their organizations toward fast-moving application development and support, away from basic infrastructure maintenance. Leadership must also address these new complexities under continuing pressure to significantly reduce both OpEx and CapEx.


Built for this new world order, vRealize Suite combines key VMware products that collectively modernize data center capabilities, accelerate application and service delivery, streamline operations, and truly optimize infrastructure costs for schools big and small:


Best of all, institutions can start small and expand vRealize Suite as their needs grow with three edition offerings at different price points: StandardAdvanced, and Enterprise. Current customers can easily upgrade to Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Cutting-Edge Cloud Technology for Education

Ultimately, institution staff need an IT management platform that can help them unify and orchestrate their physical and virtual technologies, break down cross-department silos, and utilize meaningful real-time metrics that can inform smart decision-making day in, day out. Today’s technology landscape also requires an integrated IT ecosystem that lets schools fulfill today’s push toward the software-defined data center, ultimately helping to extend the investment of current IT budgets.


vRealize Suite also helps institutions shift their IT focus to faster application development, delivery, and support—a critical new requirement in becoming a nimble, trusted partner within their organizations. Additionally, vRealize Suite offers opportunities to automate many IT tasks, further increasing speed, improving accuracy and efficiency, and freeing IT staff to tackle more strategic tasks that benefit students, staff, and administration.

The Data Center Done Right: Game-Changing Results

Transforming IT capabilities is about securely streamlining and simplifying core IT processes as well as kick-starting innovation and time-savings that benefit every end-user in an ecosystem. vRealize Suite is already making a difference across a wide range of education institutions, with benefits including:


  • Reduced application provisioning from 3–4 weeks to less than a day
  • IT staff time recapture of 22 hours per application supported
  • Developers and test engineers 25% more productive per project
  • Hardware efficiency gains of 25% per year
  • Dashboard enables comprehensive, current data for improved decision-making
  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Chance to repurpose unused server capacity
  • Customization opportunities to enhance secure learning and anytime, anywhere information access for students and instructors as well as regulation compliance


Ultimately, vRealize Suite is a unifying solution for schools focused on right-sizing workloads and reclaiming unused resources—freeing decision-makers to truly focus on student outcomes, the ultimate bottom line.

Streamlining the IT Services Delivery Cycle with VMware

VMware is already a trusted leader, both in education and in virtual infrastructure innovation. vRealize Suite represents the potent opportunity to truly modernize data center capabilities with an established partner that never skimps on scalability, reliability, and the innovation required of today’s IT shift toward application development, intelligent operations, and automation—all while allowing a seamless integration with other VMware products.



TEI - deploying VMware vRealize Automation

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