Transform Security and Automate Compliance

Ensure customers can bank securely—anytime, anywhere. Mitigate the costs and risks associated with breaches. Safeguard against dynamic threats. Protect sensitive customer data and brand reputation while complying with ever-changing regulations.


London Capital Group

London Capital Group’s online trading platform includes secure virtual networking from VMware.

Solution Benefits

Transform security

Replace legacy models of securing the network only at the perimeter with a ubiquitous software layer across infrastructure and endpoints, independent of the underlying physical infrastructure or location; gain visibility and context of interactions between users and apps—and the context to understand it, and enable the insertion of additional third-party security services for intelligent protection.

Build a zero-trust environment

Improve security by establishing trust between users, device; provide policy-based governance to cloud services, including role-based access and monitoring.

Unify identity and device management

Combine identity and device management, enforcing access decisions based on user authentication, device location tracking, and granular control policies.

Minimize risk

Remove data from endpoints to minimize data breach risks, prevent data loss, and stay in compliance.

Streamline compliance

Contextualize policies and automate audit trails and device wiping while delivering security patches and upgrades from a central location.


VMware NSX 

Maintain host-based security with fine-grained network controls and micro-segmentation.

VMware AirWatch 

Help prevent data leaks with granular, policy-based data lost prevention controls across devices, apps, and content.

VMware Horizon 

Streamline governance, risk, and compliance, managing all data in the secure data center—not on endpoint devices.


Plains Capital Bank

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Guardian Life Insurance

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Flushing Bank

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