Why Retailers Choose VMware 

Protect Against Cyberattacks

Quickly detect, isolate and remediate threats targeting your retail operations and customer data. Protect information, no matter where it resides—from mobile devices to multi-clouds. Improve safeguards with intrinsic security that lets you easily set policies by app and workload.

Strengthen Data Security

Build security in everywhere. Adopt intrinsic security as part of creating a zero-trust environment. Secure retail edge locations and eliminate the need for data to circulate over networks or reside on individual devices.

Unify IT and Security Strategies

How do you make security and IT a team sport? By building security into digital infrastructure, instead of bolting it onto individual apps retroactively. Consolidate IT and security strategies for fewer breaches and faster response times across corporate and franchise stores.

Streamline Compliance

Optimize compliance across point-of-sale infrastructure. Simplify auditing processes with unified and consolidated systems—on-premises, across multi-clouds and at the edge. Boost data protection and sovereignty while streamlining compliance with rigorous regulatory and industry frameworks such as PCI and GDPR.

Use Cases

Reduce Risk, Protect Against Cyber Threats and Safeguard PII

Embed security into every layer of the infrastructure to better identify, prevent, detect and respond to threats and abnormalities. Proactively manage cyber defenses and control points with monitoring, data encryption, threat detection and remediation across any app, any cloud and any device. Support the entire protection lifecycle everywhere.


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Streamline Compliance Workflows to Meet Industry Regulatory Requirements

Proactively detect, manage and respond to vulnerabilities across on-premises and cloud environments, including misconfigurations and change activity. Automate policy configurations and control checks across compliance frameworks, and drive greater alignment across security, developer, and operations teams.


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Chow Sang Sang Transforms IT Services, Securely

Supported by VMware solutions, Chow Sang Sang transformed and secured its IT infrastructure into a modern, dynamic and agile foundation that sustains both its fast-growing ecommerce business and future multi-cloud strategy.


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More Retail Solutions 

Modernize Retail Infrastructure and Applications

Drive new business models and services while reducing costs and complexity. Rely on our any-app, any-cloud, any-device architecture for the greatest IT flexibility, reliability, protection and scalability. Enable faster checkouts, simpler operations and systems that always work.

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Improve Customer Experience and Empower Associates

Digitally transform customer and associate experiences to enable connected retail IT. VMware’s modern solutions power mobile workflows and modern apps, empower associates and deliver exceptional customer experiences to give people the information and apps they need, when they need them.

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