Why Retailers Choose VMware

Boost Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Modernize and unify the customer journey across channels. Integrate data, AI/ML, and personalization to deepen engagement across physical, digital, and edge environments.

Drive Innovation and New Routes to Market

Operate a modular, interoperable digital infrastructure that fosters collaboration with the retail ecosystem to deliver new, innovative product offerings and services.

Improve In-Store Experiences

Empower store associates to deliver more convenient, personalized, and efficient in-store experiences by providing seamless access to customer information and corporate applications.

Protect Data Across Retail Environments

Apply next-generation policy management and Zero-Trust across in-store, mobile, and edge environments to strengthen security posture, protect data, and reduce risk.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Unify the Customer Experience Across Channels

Enable a connected experience across every retail touchpoint—stores, online, mobile and edge. Update the application portfolio to support modern digital capabilities, including data integration, AI/ML, and personalization.

Embrace Modern App Architecture to Drive Growth

Leverage cloud-native application architecture to build and deploy modern, secure, and responsive applications that drive loyalty, engagement and growth. Continuously deliver updates and new features fast to meet demand.

Support a Modern Distributed Retail Workforce

Deliver engaging experiences and high-performance, secure access to corporate apps and data for the entire workforce—from store associates and warehouse employees to corporate knowledge workers and call center representatives.

Modernize In-Store Operations and Services

Enable technology-driven store environments. Deploy mPOS and IoT technologies that deliver convenience and efficiency at scale, while empowering associates with data and services that deepen customer and employee interactions.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Scaling Management and Security for 170K Devices

Migros is a Turkish retail brand with over 45,000 employees. Using VMware Workspace ONE, employees can access company resources from any device easily and securely—ensuring business operations continue to run smooth.

More Retail Solutions

Protect Retail Data and Consumer Trust

Build consumer trust and ensure PII is safe from cyberattacks by pivoting to a cybersecurity strategy that leverages infrastructure intelligence to embed Zero Trust at scale.

Transform Retail Operations with Modern IT

Leverage modern digital retail infrastructure to bridge silos between digital and physical commerce, quickly respond to changing customer needs, and accelerate growth across channels.

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