Try VMware Hands-on Labs to Experience the Essentials to Embrace Cloud Networking

Explore these hands-on labs to learn how you can bring networking and security consistency across data centers and clouds and a level of automation that streamlines multi-cloud operations. As a result, VMware NSX technology enables a multitude of multi-cloud use-cases ranging from seamless data center extension to multi-DC pooling to rapid workload mobility.


Hands-on Labs are the fastest and easiest way to test-drive the full technical capabilities of VMware products. These evaluations are free, up and running on your browser in minutes, and require no installation.


Deploy Virtual Networks


Use VMware NSX to gain hands-on experience with Logical Switching, Distributed Logical Routing and Dynamic Routing.

2:45 hrs

Explore Multi-Site Virtual Networking and Security

Explore advanced NSX topics & build on concepts from prior NSX experiences by creating NSX objects with NSX REST API, and much more.

1:45 hrs

Simplify Disaster Recovery


Simulate a full 3-Tier application failover from Primary Site to Protected site with minimal changes to the environment.

1:30 hrs