Adopt a Modern Application Lifecycle

The world doesn’t stand still, and neither does software development. The combination of cloud computing, Kubernetes and microservices has fundamentally altered how we build, run and manage new applications. Take advantage of these same advances to modernize your existing applications.

Why Modernize Existing Apps with VMware Tanzu?

Modernize in Weeks, Not Months

Get started with a targeted analysis to determine an ideal set of apps with low technical risk and high business value.

Accelerate Time to Value

Transition monolithic systems into microservices that can boost feature velocity and deliver quicker release cycles. 

Improve Security Posture

Adopt DevSecOps practices and take advantage of new tools, architectures and shifts in software development to improve security at every layer.

Lower Costs and Improve Flexibility

Retire proprietary application servers in favor of offerings based on popular open-source projects.

Establish Repeatable Patterns

As you move revamped apps into production, you’ll build a cookbook of patterns to streamline and accelerate future modernization efforts.

Three Fundamentals of Application Modernization

Move to a Modern Platform

Moving applications onto modern infrastructure and platforms is a fundamental step in the modernization process. Even monolithic applications packaged as containers and running on a standardized Kubernetes distribution are portable across data centers and clouds. Take advantage of cloud native capabilities such as automatic restarts, declarative updates and cross-cluster management.

Refactor Around Microservices

For existing applications that must be refactored, it’s common to break up a monolith, or at least critical pieces of it, into microservices. Microservices enable developers to scale applications, add new features, and address issues more quickly than before without the need to worry about tightly coupled business logic.

Improve Development Processes

Successful modernization requires more than cloud infrastructure and microservices architectures; it requires modern software development processes and tooling, as well. Tanzu Labs will teach your teams how to embrace new approaches to product design, plus practical approaches to agile development, ensuring that refactored applications deliver expected results and continuous improvement. Plus you get the tools necessary to improve velocity while baking security into the development process—a true DevSecOps approach. 

Modernize Your Applications with VMware Tanzu

Tanzu Labs

Create a proven and lasting strategy for your application migration. Tanzu Labs teaches you how to modernize your most business-critical apps and make impactful architectural improvements.

Tanzu Application Platform

Tanzu Application Platform includes capabilities for container security, automated container builds, app connectivity, API management and more.

Tanzu Application Service

Automate key aspects of application deployment and infrastructure management. Built on Cloud Foundry, Tanzu Application Service simplifies the deployment process for developers, while giving operators the tools to automatically scale, patch and update resources.

Spring Framework

Give your developers the ability to power applications with cloud native capabilities using simple commands. They can use Spring to create Java applications that utilize microservices, event-driven architecture, and other modern approaches to application architecture.

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