Divested VMware vCloud Government Service August 2016


On August 31, 2016, QTS acquired the VMware vCloud Government Service offering, including the co-branded FedRAMP – certified IaaS solution. QTS, a leading provider of secure, compliant data center, hybrid cloud and managed services, acquired Carpathia in September 2015, who had collaborated with VMware to build this vCloud Government Service offering.


QTS is a good fit for vCloud Government Service customers, and is expected to increase investment in the technology and go-to-market offering as well as support, to the benefit of our joint customers.


VMware will continue to focus, as a component of its overall cloud strategy, on three targeted use-cases that make vCloud Air appealing: Data Center Extension (e.g. geographical extension, bursts, or seasonal workloads), Data Center Replacement (e.g. data center outsourcing, getting out of the data center business due to mergers/acquisitions/spin-offs), and Disaster Recovery (e.g. cost effective, easy-to-use disaster recovery for vSphere workloads).

Divested Product Name
QTS's Product Name
Divested Product Name vCloud Government Service
QTS's Product Name QTS Government Cloud