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See how the VMware Foundation gives employees opportunity and choice to contribute to communities and causes close to their hearts.

2015 Year in Review

We are all Citizen Philanthropists. In 2015, the VMware community grew our giving network and inspired each other to do more.

Have a Look at the Highlights of our Collective Impact

Good Gigs Service Learning Trek - Diepsloot, South Africa

Through the Good Gigs program, VMware people have a unique leadership development opportunity to learn through immersive service.

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What We Stand For 

At VMware, who we are fuels what we do.
Our Foundation exists to amplify our people’s personal passions for the causes closest to their hearts.
This means that we believe everyone has something to contribute.
We call this Citizen Philanthropy.

Citizen Philanthropy is about the power of choice.
The choice to contribute where and how you choose.
The choice to give more to each other.
The choice to learn and grow through service.

Citizen Philanthropy is about the power of collective impact.
The impact of combining our time, talent and resources to create networks of giving.
The impact of knowing that our individual actions matter because
Big things have small beginnings.

We know that each of us has what it takes to make change happen.
To be the active steward of what matters in our community.
We are all Citizen Philanthropists.
Serve. Learn. Inspire.

 VMware Foundation

How We Give Back

Service Learning

Strengthening communities with 40 paid hours each year for VMware employees to contribute their skills and talents.

Milestone Awards

Celebrating VMware employees’ service with employee-led donations at Day 1, Year 1, and Year 12.

Social Investments

Amplifying VMware employees’ service learning contributions with financial support to local nonprofits.

Matching Gifts

Matching VMware employees’ charitable donations from USD $31.41 to $3,141.59 annually.

Giving Back at VMware

It's one thing to read about Citizen Philanthropy on our website. It's quite another to hear about it directly from VMware people.

Read their stories on our Careers Blog.