Umesh Mahajan

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Security Business Unit

Umesh Mahajan has more than three decades of experience in multi-cloud networking, security and load balancing, holding more than 30 patents. He has led teams responsible for building successful billion-dollar market-leading networking platforms in his career. 

Umesh has deep knowledge of networking and security areas. At VMware, he is responsible for the company’s flagship VMware NSX software-defined network virtualization platform encompassing network connectivity, network security, load balancing and workload migration services. NSX is a key foundational part of all VMware cloud offerings, providing networking services within a cloud and interconnects clouds embodying the VMware muti-cloud strategy. 

Prior to joining VMware, Umesh founded Avi Networks, where he built the company on a foundation of innovation and his passion for tech and leadership. He has also held senior leadership positions at Cisco, including vice president and general manager of the data center switching business (NX-OS, Nexus 7k and MDS). He started his networking career at Cisco when ethernet switching was in its incubation phase and that allowed him to develop deep-rooted expertise in networking. 

He received his Master of Science in computer science from Duke University and B Tech from IIT Delhi.

Umesh Mahajan