Customer Experience and Success

New technologies are reshaping and disrupting business models. Moving beyond simply managing IT to a position of leveraging technology to create value for the business is now a CIO imperative. Customer Experience and Success can help you continually get value from the VMware investments you’ve made. Our teams will help you:

  • Architect, deploy, integrate and operationalize solutions
  • Guide, monitor, and measure your success
  • Train your IT workforce
  • Prevent issues and resolve problems

Professional Services

Investments in IT are more about business impact than about individual technologies. Our outcome-focused methodology for defining and implementing long-term solutions can help you deliver real business value. We work with your team to:

  • Define your desired IT and business outcomes
  • Identify gaps in your competencies, capabilities, and culture
  • Design and implement a solution to deliver your desired outcomes
  • Create the roles, skills, and processes needed to manage and operate at scale
  • Drive adoption and consumption throughout the organization

Our broad expertise, deep knowledge of VMware technology, and concentrated focus on your industry challenges can help get you where you need to be, sooner.

Customer Success

Embrace a personalized experience focused on helping you continuously achieve outcomes throughout your VMware journey. Our Customer Success team will continually guide you through all the stages of your journey with VMware solutions. With a consistent way of working with VMware we will help you continually realize value and achieve outcomes faster from your investments. We will work with you to define your outcomes and track key success metrics. We will also proactively monitor your progress and offer guidance, resources and adjustments as needed.


VMware Learning provides training and certification programs designed to grow your skills and validate your ability to leverage all the opportunities made possible by your VMware solutions. 

Whether you are looking for Individual learning or a learning solution for your enterprise's entire IT team, we offer a subscription to meet your training and certification needs.


Keep your systems running smoothly with services designed to deliver enterprise-class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind – your success. Our global support centers are staffed around the clock to ensure you have access to our industry-leading expertise in virtualization and years of experience supporting cloud and virtual infrastructure products in real-world customer environments.

Speed access to the resources you need and resolve issues faster with VMware Customer Connect™. It is the one place to go for finding the self-help, training, communities, support and success resources you need.