Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Tanzu Hub is a transformational application delivery and multi-cloud management solution unifying cost, performance, and config and delivery automation in a single platform with a common control plane and data model for any cloud, any platform, any tool and every persona.

The graph datastore captures the resources and relationships of a multi-cloud environment. Expressly designed for the operational challenges of cloud-native applications and environments, the graph provides a single source of truth that is updated in near-real time.

VMware Tanzu Guardrails is a multi-cloud governance service that enables organizations to scale end-to-end policy enforcement across clouds and Kubernetes.  

VMware Tanzu Transformer accelerates and simplifies the multi-cloud migration journey by identifying and migrating applications to the optimal cloud, based on the user’s goals for security, performance, cost and time.

VMware Tanzu Insights discerns relevant insights from full-stack event correlation leveraging AI/ML analytics to eliminate business downtimes, reduce MTTR and prevent future issues.

VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier allows you to try the platform for yourself with up to two of your own public cloud accounts.

Click here to get instant access to the free tier.

VMware Tanzu Hub is not available for standalone purchase. You can subscribe to VMware Cloud services, such as VMware Tanzu Guardrails and VMware Tanzu Insights, to gain access to VMware Tanzu Hub. 

Or you can get instant access to the free tier of VMware Tanzu Hub.

VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier is a freemium offering, providing you access to limited features of VMware Tanzu Hub, VMware Tanzu Guardrails, and VMware Tanzu Insights all free of charge.

VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier is initially hosted in AWS US-West region, but anyone is welcome to sign up and use it.

Unlike a time-limited trial, you can continue to use VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier as long as VMware continues to offer and support it.

You do not need to have any existing VMware product licenses or subscriptions to sign up and start using VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier.

There is no cost incurred for the usage of VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier. You can sign up for an account and use VMware Tanzu Hub Free Tier free of charge. You may be charged by your public cloud provider for accessing cloud provider APIs to access inventory, metrics, events and cost information. 

VMware Tanzu Hub has achieved SOC 2 and 3 compliance through an independent audit and certification process. More information can be found here.



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